June Photo Mode No. 7-11


Now Listening: The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company – The Mikado: Finale Act One
Mood: Cuddly

It has been a while. Where have I been!?

Well, I just got caught up with things, that’s all. I took photos of brightness…


…of the local animals…


(That’s one of the roosters that Mom had the craziness of getting. More on that later.)

…of me from down below…


…of me, period…


…and of something funny (that I want dangit!)


All in all, things have been pretty good for me. My knitting however…


As some of you readers no doubt remember, I have been doing a seamless raglan sweater from the top down off and on these months. The last time I was working on this, my calculations for the sleeve were off, and I ended up with a very baggy creature. A few days ago I fixed the calculations, frogged the sleeves, and now redoing it. It’s something that my fingers are not used to, after playing with heavier-weight yarn.


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