May Photo Challenge No. 12-15


Keep in mind, I have other things to do than to do keep up with this.

♫♪♫ I could wash my car in the rain
Change my new guitar strings
-Terry Clark: “Better Things To Do”

It’s just that I am distracted with said things, and it is making me lagging.

SO! Onward!

No. 12: Mother


There she is, taking a bite of the annual cheesecake that I do for her on her birthday…and for Mother’s Day…and for Thanksgiving…well, you get the picture.

I have this book to thank.


Got it as a birthday gift ages ago, and it’s been in use since then. Everyone loves the cheesecake. 😀

No. 13: Sunrise/Sunset

Seeing that I woke up too late for a sunrise, I chose sunset. And was it a doozy.


One of those random shots you get when you walk home, and everything just meshes into a perfect moment. That time was during that shot.

No. 14: Need

A need that I did not know until I got home that day.


Frijoles, as the term goes. Just beans cooked until tender. However, Mom put so much garlic and lots of salt pork that it just became soul food for me.


Blurry, I know. I was eating for goodness sake. 😉

No. 15: 7 o’clock

I was walking home from the library.


What more could be said?


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