May Photo Challenge No. 6 & 7


No. 6: Broken


I was trying to figure out just how to figure out what or how to do yesterday’s challenge, I figured something out. First, what I was reading.


Got the hardcover of the book yesterday as I was coming home. As I said before, this is an amazing book to read. I heartily enjoy it. But what makes it ‘broken’ is this.


Everything else about the book is perfect, although the inner binding is a bit brittle. But it is this little mark that shoved down the price from $30 to only $2.50.

No. 7: Something beginning with ‘F’

Food starts with ‘F’, right?


One of the lunch specials from Noe’s.


I have written of them before in the News last year. The original restaurant had an electrical fire, so they moved on to this place, where they have had been serving their food since then. It’s one of those bistros we have, and I do recommend it, if only for the food. 😀


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