Fat guy knitting!


I gave up with the May Photo Challenge a while ago. I could not figure out how to pull off some of them and decided, instead, to just show you photos of me knitting.

But first, one of my bathrobe.


As I mentioned, it’s Mom’s Christmas gift to me, and I have worn it almost every day. It’s so warm, and starting to pick up an Old Spice scent.


Nothing has been happening these past days, apart from my knitting. One of the mainstays of a life that is mostly mainstay.

Which reminds me, the sweater part of the hoodie is done.


I need to buy two more skiens for the hood, so it is currently softly gathering dust in the Procrastination Bin.

But for the moment, I’m knitting The Scarf.


It is so cold here at Starbucks that I have been driven to wear it as well. It’s freezing!

Martini Lounging!


Those who have followed me from LiveJournal should remember the first time I posted a web-mixtape. A mixtape unlike any other. One with stopgap flows and strange melodies.

Then I posted it to 8Tracks.

After that, I tweaked my other one at the time, Return to the Martini Lounge and posted it up as well.

This past week, I set up the third part, Revenge of the Martini Lounge. More jazzy than usual, but it has its quirks.

Then I realized that I usually post download links to them.

If you are so inclined to get them, feel free, shake yourself a martini (or a Mai Tai) and enjoy the kitschy tunage. Or if you want to give them a listen, just get on the 8Tracks links and give them a test drive. Either way, I am sure you will enjoy them. 😀

Here, there, everywhere


I would include the multiverse, but, alas, I am not a planeswalker.

So what has been going on with you guys? Me? I’ve been busy.

I have been looking through mailboxes…


Sniffed late spring roses…


Wanted to win the Powerball so badly I bought a ticket…


Took a photo in lousy lighting…


And started to care about roses so badly that I ordered a mail catalog…


Even took a photo of what change I have this week!


Oh, and I knitted.


And read the catalog so I could get inspired.


I really want an Autumn Damask.

It needs an update


So, I am almost done with the Donut hoodie.


Got both sleeves done during the weekend, and Monday I got the three connected. It has been slow-but-sure knitting after that. I forgot how bulky the needle gets when you do that.

At this rate, it’ll take another month until finish it, I’m sure.

However, I am still wanting to do The Striper now…

May Photo Challenge No. 12-15


Keep in mind, I have other things to do than to do keep up with this.

♫♪♫ I could wash my car in the rain
Change my new guitar strings
-Terry Clark: “Better Things To Do”

It’s just that I am distracted with said things, and it is making me lagging.

SO! Onward!

No. 12: Mother


There she is, taking a bite of the annual cheesecake that I do for her on her birthday…and for Mother’s Day…and for Thanksgiving…well, you get the picture.

I have this book to thank.


Got it as a birthday gift ages ago, and it’s been in use since then. Everyone loves the cheesecake. 😀

No. 13: Sunrise/Sunset

Seeing that I woke up too late for a sunrise, I chose sunset. And was it a doozy.


One of those random shots you get when you walk home, and everything just meshes into a perfect moment. That time was during that shot.

No. 14: Need

A need that I did not know until I got home that day.


Frijoles, as the term goes. Just beans cooked until tender. However, Mom put so much garlic and lots of salt pork that it just became soul food for me.


Blurry, I know. I was eating for goodness sake. 😉

No. 15: 7 o’clock

I was walking home from the library.


What more could be said?

May Photo Challenge No. 9-11


Seeing I can’t find No. 8, which was ‘Shape’, no matter how I thought. Maybe I should have gone shirtless…I’m pretty shapeless. HAH!


No. 9: A snack


Why must Girl Scout cookies look and taste so damn good? *sighs and noms*

No. 10: Stars

I really did not know what to do with this one. I mean, it was all clouds yesterday, so no go there. Then I remembered my collections.

I am a huge collector with anything really: tumbled stones, books, Magic the Gathering cards, and artwork, which could be considered the star of all of them in total.


I took all of my artwork that I had framed up put into one wall. I’d go into greater depth with these another time.

No. 11: Smile


This was a no-brainer, really. I took it without glasses because I like seeing myself without them. I’m a vain moose, what can I say? *chuckles*

May Photo Challenge No. 6 & 7


No. 6: Broken


I was trying to figure out just how to figure out what or how to do yesterday’s challenge, I figured something out. First, what I was reading.


Got the hardcover of the book yesterday as I was coming home. As I said before, this is an amazing book to read. I heartily enjoy it. But what makes it ‘broken’ is this.


Everything else about the book is perfect, although the inner binding is a bit brittle. But it is this little mark that shoved down the price from $30 to only $2.50.

No. 7: Something beginning with ‘F’

Food starts with ‘F’, right?


One of the lunch specials from Noe’s.


I have written of them before in the News last year. The original restaurant had an electrical fire, so they moved on to this place, where they have had been serving their food since then. It’s one of those bistros we have, and I do recommend it, if only for the food. 😀