So this weekend had me, at first, cleaning


So this weekend had me, at first, cleaning the room.


I went to tidying up the desk to picking up papers off the floor to vacuuming the carpet and seeing just how much spare yarn I have. Enough to buy another yarn bin. I mean, I had so much wool on my bed that it was practically baa-ing. The bed, not the yarn.

[On a huge off-tangent, I have created a new tag on Twitter: #fakeknittingheadline, thanks in part to Miss Yarn Harlot. I’d be pleased to offer you all of the tweets that it caused. Go on, feel free.]

Saturday night had me watching this week’s Doctor Who episode and going ballistic over the library. I mean, I would LOVE to have a library like that. Oh yes I would! 😀

Today, a huge cold front came in. Although the temps didn’t dip much, it did bring loads of rain and thunder. When Mom and I was touring the city afterwards, we were surprised over how many streets were flooded. How much undeveloped land was huge sheets of water.

During the storms, I knit.


I don’t seem like it, but I was. 😀