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As I said, there was an internal organization of a fashion here at work. People got shuffled out, things were moved about.

I got my old desk back.

But first the one I was at.

Desk move before

According to the folks here, it has been thirty years of photos, with a few years missed. That open box? More photos and negatives. Negatives! I haven’t seen those in years!

So yeah, the other was inhabited by the other guy, but it was dusty as heck. Probably due to some ceiling work while I was not there, but easily cleaned up.

Desk move after

Yes, that is the Doctor scarf. No, it is not finished. But look at all of the space I have now! I can settle with my books! Maybe.

For now, I’m just here, surfing the net.


Maths, paths, and other things


It’s been not bad for the weekend. Seeing that it’s been a while and all.

Saturday didn’t have me take a photo, seeing that we went to Edinburg for some barbecue and I forgot the camera. I decided to take one for Sunday…


Mom took me to the local Subway, where I got some spinach caught in my mouth. Hey, moose love spinach. 😛

That night, I took another of me doing math stuff.


As I said before, I have been looking through rummage stores for old math textbooks. I think I mentioned that I found one on Trigonometry. Anyway, I have been working through various problems. Nothing really much to comment about, seeing it’ll be in a separate section.

Yesterday had me going to the legendary Ornelas Bakery in Rio Hondo and getting a sugar fix.


Their long-johns are just so damned good. So rich and so creamy. Epic noms! I only wish they had a bus over there so I can get a fix every day. *sigh*