Photos of a fat guy knitting…and more


Seems to be the norm here.

115_1455 115_1459 115_1467

Lately, though, things have been somewhat on the standstill. I’ve been down with allergies/head cold.


TMITuesday factoid: I tend to use already-worn shirts for handkerchiefs. Saves on tissues and really helps the chapped nose problem I get from them. And yes, I do wash them. Lots of hot water and soap.

Still, it’s been crazy. I’ve finished the Donut sleeve No.1, and already halfway done on Guilder.


It’s amazing, and looks so comfy. I’m tempted to keep it.

Also, I need a haircut.


It has reached the stage of getting dandruff-esque no matter how many times I wash it. I want it all off, and probably will get it as I did last year. Or not. Who knows.