Let’s play catch-up…


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It has been rather bad that I keep on posting photos and no meat. I mean, I can keep on doing dailies of photos and whatnot, but A) I run the risk of going into monotony and B) I get the chance of boring you readers (what little there are *sigh*). So, I don’t do much here but post said photos and goof off in between. All the while, I do not tell you what I have been doing in between photos.

So, to continue onward.

  • First off, I am now secretary of the local Friends of the Library group, which is, to me, an amazing feat, seeing I always wanted to be one of the officials as long as I could remember. The library director was surprised and very grateful over the fact, and he gave me a full guided tour over what can be and should be done for the group. Already I am thinking of ideas for fundraising and will bring them up in the upcoming meeting.

    The only problem is the lack of participation.

    When I was going through the attendance listing, I noticed that although we have plenty of people, there has been little attempt to get through to them. When asked, I was told that it was the secretary’s job to contact them.


    So now, I have a huge list of people who are interested and will probably start maybe in Friday to begin calling and culling. Oh, and I have to also make the agenda, which will be fun, seeing we haven’t had a decent meeting since December; the last two meetings fell on holidays and we never shifted them to other days.

  • Oddly enough, we have been getting less heat lately. Temps have been mostly in the mid-80s and in the upper 60s/lower 70s in the night. Which is fantastic weather for the plants, especially the ones I bought from Grimsells.

    See, I got another tomato plant and several mint plants. The tomato is the same from last year: A Lemon Boy (The other suffered through a huge infestation of scale insects and had to be tossed.) So far, the weather has been kind to the plant, which is already sporting four? five? plump tomatoes, so yay(!!) on that part. As for the mints, they are grapefruit, red-stemmed, and pineapple mint. When I visited the shop during Market Days Saturday, I found banana mint, chocolate mint, and a lot of others. I want them all! 😀

    The weather has been kind to the other plants, which include the roses, which have been producing so many, oh so many; the amaryllis, which are still beautiful despite some already fading away; the periwinkles, that, despite Mom’s complaints that my hedge-clipping are killing them, they are in furious blossoming; and the various seedlings I have growing in pots, many of which are ready for transplanting. But first I have to clean up some of the flower beds; some of them have become weedy.

  • As some folks on my Twitter remarked, I do not post as much knitting stuff as I used to. The answer to that is that I have become more involved with Minecraft more than with knitting nowadays, but I’m slowly getting myself out of it right now and knitting the Guilder scarf, which I need to post more photos of.

    I also need to finish the Donut hoodie. I’m still on the first sleeve! *headdesk*

    This also means that I haven’t touched the pattern for Nénuphar since showing you the photos. Yes, I know, I know. I just need to get my ass in gear and publish it for your perusal. Sheesh.

    I am also looking into making another Branching Out scarf for a friend’s daughter, a wooly otter for a fellow fur, and, of course, a huge slew of hats for birthday recipients. More on that later.