True to Form, Part Ten


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I know, it’s been a while since I posted. More on that later.

So! Feel free to read. Very mature, but I think I got the controls well enough.

Moose and I got into a rather large shower, suitable for housing several people instead of only one.  I whistled a bit when I saw him pull down his shorts, showing off his thick ass still encased in a jock. He shook it a bit before standing up and kicking the shorts out of the shower. He then went to me and embraced me, planting a huge kiss on my mouth.

I struggled a bit before accepting it, snaking my arms around his torso and hugging him. I squeezed slightly, causing Moose to press himself more against me.

“If you two are gonna make out,” a voice said, “at least include me.”

We ended the kiss and turned to look at Billy, who stood next to us and grinning lewdly.

“Gladly,” Moose said, letting go of me and embracing the huge creature, their tongues visibly wrestling with each other as their hands roamed everywhere to grope and rub their massive forms.

I turned around and turned on the water. Steamy water shot out of all of the nozzles, wetting all of us in seconds.

“Hey, don’t ignore us, boy,” Billy growled, turning me around and landing a solid smack on my face, his arms encircling my neck. I wrapped my own around his broad back, rubbing the dense fur. I breathed in his heavy scent – rich leather and cigars – and moaned in lust.

“Yeah,” Moose said behind me, groping my butt. “We can continue where we left off.” He licked an ear. “Y’know, before Carlos interrupted us.”

“Did someone say my name?” Carlos peeked in and smirked a bit as he saw the scene in front of us.

“I did, wolfie,” Moose said, his hands busily groping. “D’ya think you can take this off?”

“Certainly,” Carlos said.

I didn’t know what Moose was talking about until I felt something thick wedge itself in between my buttcheeks.

I broke the kiss, slightly breathless and extremely aroused. “He removed your jock?”

Moose thrusted, and I shuddered. “Yeah, he did.” He leaned over until his muzzle was right next to my ear. “And I still haven’t cum yet. Why don’t you let me, son?” He nuzzled ever so softly on my neck. “Just say the word.”

“Fuck…” I moaned out.

“Thought you’d never ask,” Moose growled out before bending me over, prodding me with his thick fingers before slowly sliding himself in. “Damn, you’re so tight…”

I was overcome with overwhelming waves of pleasure. I involuntarily pushed back, eagerly swallowing his thick rod without any kind of pain. We both moaned before a hand was placed on my head.

“Here,” Billy said, guiding his own monstrous organ to me. “Open wide, boy.”


“Hm, fascinating.”

The man stood in front of a screen showing a scene of two hugely built anthro characters and one human in between. It was obvious that what they were doing was of a sexual nature.

On one side of the screen, blocks of numbers and letters were slowly scrolling down. He looked at them with slight interest before heading to his desk.

“Still,” he said to himself, opening the folder on top of it, “I do not know why they want to destroy him. Can’t we simply stop the trial and call it a day?”

A glance at the profile proved that it couldn’t be possible. For starters, he was a game tester, and according to the company ordinances, all testers had to have a trial period. He snorted in exasperation, cursing Phil for his stupidity as he shuffled more papers, noticing that the servers did a thorough job on the tester, showing his complete personal history in neatly bulleted points.

He turned to the one of the other two occupants in the room. “Tell me. Did you expect this?” He waved a hand to the screen.

The researcher nodded. “As I mentioned a while back to the supervisors, it’s part of the role-playing scenarios we were experimenting with. Involves sexual relationships, that sort of thing.”

“I see. And you think that he might spend the rest of the trial like this?”

He shrugged. “He might. I mean, it looks like he’s enjoying the fruits of this spin-off.”

“And what will happen once the period ends?”

“If the present course is maintained, then we won’t have to worry.” He picked up his own folder and read through the contents. “The trial ends, we can modify the filters, let him keep the game and the characters as a bonus for testing the software.”

“And if not?” The man turned to the other occupant.

Carlos looked at the scrolling blocks. “Number Eighty-Seven is trying to keep things under control, but something odd is going on.” He glanced at the man. “The glitch he reported. What created that?”

“My predecessor. He thought he could get rid of the problem simply by killing him.”

Carlos barked out a laugh. “Was he blind? He’s a tester! The software has ways of protecting those folks.”

“As I told the supervisors,” the man agreed.

“Well, to answer the question, if he muddles through the levels in this fashion, he might have to be destroyed. I mean, this demo is very powerful, and if he figures out just how powerful…” He shrugged.

“So what is to happen now?”

The anthro wolf went back to looking at the blocks. “I have contacted Eighty-Seven. Instructed him to watch carefully and to report any kind of error. If he creates anything else, or if he obtains more of the achievements, I think it might cause more trouble.”

“Very well, then.” The man picked up his folder and browsed the pages. “Still no report on how the software ended up in his hands?”

The researcher shook his head. “No, sir. Every thread we find is leading exactly nowhere.”

“Hm. Well, inform Marideth. Let her know that we still cannot find anything of what the supervisors asked us to look for.”

“Done,” said Carlos.

“Also, a list of the current achievements would not be out of place.” The man turned back to the screen, now showing the two shooting thick streams of semen all over the person. “I might have to take your suggestion seriously.”


I knelt to their masculinity, their virility, as they bellowed loudly, their cocks shooting gooey streams of their loads all over me. It splattered on me skin like warm wax, leaving me drenched in their essence.

They were incredible. Moose wouldn’t stop plowing me, and Billy kept on making me take more and more of his cock, both of them using me like a sex toy, a cum bucket. I must have shot my own loads many times while I was being used.

Moose milked the last of his load and laughed. “God that felt good!” He flexed hugely, growling over me, showing me his dominance.

Billy was also almost finished, his member dribbling cum. “Fuck,” he groaned. “I needed that.” He reached over and rubbed one of his nubs, moaning softly and causing his dick to twitch. He stepped up to Moose and high-fived him before embracing and making out.

“I’m still horny, kid,” I heard Billy say softly. “Why not you and I get to know each other better, hm? I got something I wanna introduce you to.”

Moose moaned in between kisses. “Yessir, whatever you say.”

Billy chuckled. “Let’s go then.”

I gingerly stood up, letting the shower jets rinse me off as I saw the duo walk out of the shower and dry each other off. “So, what now?”

Billy smirked and grabbed Moose by the cock, causing him to pinch his eyes shut and shudder in lust. “We’re gonna get to know each other a bit better.” He nodded at me. “Dontcha worry, boy. Moosie is gonna be a good boy, aintcha?”

Moose blushed redly before nodding. “Y-yessir.”

I looked agog as Billy pulled Moose out of the room.

“Damn,” I muttered under my breath, “What did I get into?”

“I would say you unlocked a few more achievements.”

I looked at Carlos. “Can’t you wait until I finished the shower before you intrude?” I asked indignantly.

“But you are finished,” he said, gesturing.

Suddenly, I was in a sturdy room filled with wall to wall bookshelves. A fire crackled merrily in a black marble fireplace. I was wrapped in a fluffy blue plaid robe, perfectly clean and almost dried. A desk was across from me, where I saw my computer, the screen filled with scrolling blocks of text and numbers.

I swiveled around the chair to find Carlos, grinning, on my bed. “You like?”

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