♫♪♫ Minecraftin’ around the universe…


I tend to think of Minecraft somewhat like planeswalking.

I mean, you have all these worlds at your disposal, and with a thought, you can easily ‘walk to another world. Yay! New places to explore! New sights to see! New-WOAH! A creeper! (explode)

Or you can be like me and keep exploring the world you already have and make nifty stuff out of it. Like this.


Minecraft hotel No. 1 (Yes, I’m planning on making others). Took me almost a month of playing to make this, which explains why I am so behind with my knitting. Well, not really, but if I didn’t have this, I would be so ahead of the hoodie and the scarf. :\

And yes, those are balconies.

SO! To continue:

Minecraft Hotel - Reading room

The Reading Room, complete with fireplace, lights, and comfy chairs.

Minecraft Hotel - Left wing

Left wing. I thought I took a pic of the dining hall, but that didn’t come out. Blarg.

Minecraft Hotel - 2nd floor

Second floor hallway, leading to two of the bedroom sets. Let’s check out the Red rooms, shall we?

Minecraft Hotel - Red room

First class scenery. We have fireplaces, books, a comfy bed, and a door leading out to said balcony.

Minecraft Hotel - Attic

Last but not least, an attic, where we can see it is quite spacious and very well-lit. I had to take care of some creeper problems before fixing all the lights there. D:

Up next, a lighthouse. But I have to finish that one first…


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