March Photo Challenge No. 24: A Dream


I wouldn’t call this a dream. Can we call this a slight ambition instead?

And if neither, then why is it in today’s challenge?


So, I finished the Nenuphar swatch. Blocked it and right now, it looks pretty interesting.


Don’t mind about the borders. They are separate from the main pattern. Trust me.

It has been a dream of mine to actually publish the pattern for this shawl(ette), and I will, promise. I just need to figure a few things out, hash out some details.

The yarn for the swatch is recycled sweater yarn, Sport/DK/light-worsted, very robust and hardworking, and US8 needles. I have to say DK, but I’d be guessing. Only one horizontal repeat of the pattern, and it stretched to almost a foot in length. I would say this would be perfect for a wrap-around scarf. I think that the thinner the yarn, the more repeats are needed. I mean, the original had two h. repeats, and stretched out to almost a foot also.

Now, I have to finish the scarf and the hoodie…


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