Radio silence…and a catch-up. (18-23)


I have to apologize for the lack of update here. Last I posted, it was Friday? Saturday? I’m too lazy to check.

Anywho, I have been busy. Oh yes indeed. Things have been just a bit too hectic for me, and I have been more at home with me away from the blog than anything. This needs to be remedied…

So, updates, yes. Prepare for one huge update….

No. 18: (Where I went)


Took another trip to Shipley’s in the morning to snack on delicious pastries and coffee. And to knit. I might be an addict now.

No. 19 (On the floor)


Well, the camera is.

No. 20 (Above)


Nothing above me but sky, clouds, and the stars. (Well, not the last part)

No. 21 (Hat)


♫♪♫ I still have my haaaat…! -Girl Genius

No. 22 (Sometimes I…)

…knit at work.


Nothing noteworthy, just doing a test swatch of the Nenuphar shawl pattern. As shown here.


As usual, more on that later.

No. 23 (A pair)

…of snuggle buddies!


Bearnard D. Bear and Alexander Moose, at your service. They’ve been mostly in bed for me to cuddle with when I’m dozing off, but I would like another moose plushie, y’know?


Today was also laundry day, in which I washed my clothes: whites, t-shirts, pants, polos, etc. I usually hanger-hang the t-shirts, but I was on a roll and hung them on the line. *shrugs*


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