March Challenge 8-13/31


Dunno about No. 14. Still need to figure out today’s.

So! How’s you folks? I have been busy with things that I haven’t been able to keep up with here, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been lazy. Oh no.

No. 8 (A mess):


This sort of mess has been growing in numbers ever since I last cleaned my room. Most of it consists of yarn and of books, and it gets moved from the bed to the Comfy Chair every night and back to the bed when I wake. Unless I’m out and about. Then it just stays there.

No photos of the other mess until otherwise said. >.>

No. 9 (Homemade):

115_1299 115_1295

Nothing more homemade than a sandwich made with homemade bread from the bread machine. The fillings, on the other hand, were alas from the store.

No. 10 (Favorite Drink): Not available. Tea would be one, but we’re currently out of the stuff. *sadmoose*

No. 11 (Texture): Not available.

Still, doesn’t mean that I didn’t take a photo.


Monday started the Texas Spring Break, and I naturally headed to South Padre Island not only to take photos but to mingle with the crowd. And to scope out the hot cubs. *cough*

No. 12 (In my fridge):


Alas, the fridge is pretty bare. [/lie]

No. 13 (A treat)


I went back to the Island to mingle and grope, and also took a small trip to the downtown region of Port Isabel, where they not only had a lighthouse (more on that later) but also an ice cream shop.


They also sell fudge.


I usually make it a mission of mine that whenever I head over there, I get a half-pound of their delicious fudge, and it is very delicious, because it is handmade (more on that later also).

I also tried beer.


I am not a beer drinker, so trying this was something I rather not do again. Unless someone bought me one.


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