March Challenge 4-7


Now Listening: Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line
Mood: Moosie

Well, kinda.

I have been a bit busy with work and stuff that I haven’t been able to do much thinking on the daily themes, but I don’t mind, really. I can take photos whether or not they fit, right?

No. 4 (Where I sat):


I’ve been having a nice time outside lately. Like October Country, the March District has its share of cool breezes and pleasant times. Like Monday, where, after watering the front garden beds, I sat and read Terry Pratchett’s Dodger, an interesting book about a certain kid in London suddenly enmeshed in politics and delicious danger.

No. 5 (Sharp) could have me like this:


Knitting needles are not considered ‘sharp’ in any means, but I had to act ‘sharp’ for the City Meeting Tuesday night, in which I learned many things about the on-goings with the city and needed to write an article about them that night.

No. 6 (What I wore):


While I was waiting for Mom to run errands, I snapped this nifty photo. Not too shabby.

No. 7 (Hair):


Oddly enough, I’m getting pure silver shot through my hair more and more often. We put the blame on Mom, who has said on numerous occasions that her side of the family does get grey hairs earlier in their lives. Why couldn’t I have gotten Dad’s hair, which did not show any grey at all really.


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