March Challenge 1 & 2/31


No. 3 should have been done when I was doing the dishes. *shrugs*

Anywho, how’s you guys? I have been busy this weekend due to trying to decipher notes that I made last year, having fun, and, of course, knitting.

Friday (clock):


Dare I say it, the hoodie’s sleeves are kicking my arse. They are belligerent, terrible, and downright crappy. And I have to make two of them! I am very tempted to kick it into my Procrastination Bin, but then I would have to answer to the person who asked for it. Ho hum.

Still, it is going to be worth it when I finish it all. I know it will.

Saturday (morning):


I love having Alexander and Bearnard with me to curl up in the morning. I wish there was a handsome bear to be behind me, but that’s something else to wish for.

Yesterday was also the monthly Market Days, where I spent most of the day. Plenty of Winter Texans were there, but that did not deter me from taking a few photos.

p_00206 p_00205
p_00201 p_00199

As I said, fun times. And I didn’t cover a tenth of it, unfortunately. I’ll probably take more later. 😀

I have also been knitting.


In a huge effort to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong, I am poring over my notes for Nénuphar (all in Photoshop files for easy editing) and I have been busily knitting and reknitting to know what has been going on. I think I am doing well enough. I just need to tweak some things, make much more notes, and hopefully it’ll be sent to my test knitters by week’s end.

I am using worsted acrylic and US10.5 needles simply for the size contrast of knitting with US8s, and the resulting swatch could be used for a very nice scarf. I simply have to take photos of it when I’m done. 😀


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