♫♪♫ Minecraftin’ around the universe…


I tend to think of Minecraft somewhat like planeswalking.

I mean, you have all these worlds at your disposal, and with a thought, you can easily ‘walk to another world. Yay! New places to explore! New sights to see! New-WOAH! A creeper! (explode)

Or you can be like me and keep exploring the world you already have and make nifty stuff out of it. Like this.


Minecraft hotel No. 1 (Yes, I’m planning on making others). Took me almost a month of playing to make this, which explains why I am so behind with my knitting. Well, not really, but if I didn’t have this, I would be so ahead of the hoodie and the scarf. :\

And yes, those are balconies.

SO! To continue:

Minecraft Hotel - Reading room

The Reading Room, complete with fireplace, lights, and comfy chairs.

Minecraft Hotel - Left wing

Left wing. I thought I took a pic of the dining hall, but that didn’t come out. Blarg.

Minecraft Hotel - 2nd floor

Second floor hallway, leading to two of the bedroom sets. Let’s check out the Red rooms, shall we?

Minecraft Hotel - Red room

First class scenery. We have fireplaces, books, a comfy bed, and a door leading out to said balcony.

Minecraft Hotel - Attic

Last but not least, an attic, where we can see it is quite spacious and very well-lit. I had to take care of some creeper problems before fixing all the lights there. D:

Up next, a lighthouse. But I have to finish that one first…

March Photo Challenge No. 24: A Dream


I wouldn’t call this a dream. Can we call this a slight ambition instead?

And if neither, then why is it in today’s challenge?


So, I finished the Nenuphar swatch. Blocked it and right now, it looks pretty interesting.


Don’t mind about the borders. They are separate from the main pattern. Trust me.

It has been a dream of mine to actually publish the pattern for this shawl(ette), and I will, promise. I just need to figure a few things out, hash out some details.

The yarn for the swatch is recycled sweater yarn, Sport/DK/light-worsted, very robust and hardworking, and US8 needles. I have to say DK, but I’d be guessing. Only one horizontal repeat of the pattern, and it stretched to almost a foot in length. I would say this would be perfect for a wrap-around scarf. I think that the thinner the yarn, the more repeats are needed. I mean, the original had two h. repeats, and stretched out to almost a foot also.

Now, I have to finish the scarf and the hoodie…

Radio silence…and a catch-up. (18-23)


I have to apologize for the lack of update here. Last I posted, it was Friday? Saturday? I’m too lazy to check.

Anywho, I have been busy. Oh yes indeed. Things have been just a bit too hectic for me, and I have been more at home with me away from the blog than anything. This needs to be remedied…

So, updates, yes. Prepare for one huge update….

No. 18: (Where I went)


Took another trip to Shipley’s in the morning to snack on delicious pastries and coffee. And to knit. I might be an addict now.

No. 19 (On the floor)


Well, the camera is.

No. 20 (Above)


Nothing above me but sky, clouds, and the stars. (Well, not the last part)

No. 21 (Hat)


♫♪♫ I still have my haaaat…! -Girl Genius

No. 22 (Sometimes I…)

…knit at work.


Nothing noteworthy, just doing a test swatch of the Nenuphar shawl pattern. As shown here.


As usual, more on that later.

No. 23 (A pair)

…of snuggle buddies!


Bearnard D. Bear and Alexander Moose, at your service. They’ve been mostly in bed for me to cuddle with when I’m dozing off, but I would like another moose plushie, y’know?


Today was also laundry day, in which I washed my clothes: whites, t-shirts, pants, polos, etc. I usually hanger-hang the t-shirts, but I was on a roll and hung them on the line. *shrugs*

March Challenge 8-13/31


Dunno about No. 14. Still need to figure out today’s.

So! How’s you folks? I have been busy with things that I haven’t been able to keep up with here, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been lazy. Oh no.

No. 8 (A mess):


This sort of mess has been growing in numbers ever since I last cleaned my room. Most of it consists of yarn and of books, and it gets moved from the bed to the Comfy Chair every night and back to the bed when I wake. Unless I’m out and about. Then it just stays there.

No photos of the other mess until otherwise said. >.>

No. 9 (Homemade):

115_1299 115_1295

Nothing more homemade than a sandwich made with homemade bread from the bread machine. The fillings, on the other hand, were alas from the store.

No. 10 (Favorite Drink): Not available. Tea would be one, but we’re currently out of the stuff. *sadmoose*

No. 11 (Texture): Not available.

Still, doesn’t mean that I didn’t take a photo.


Monday started the Texas Spring Break, and I naturally headed to South Padre Island not only to take photos but to mingle with the crowd. And to scope out the hot cubs. *cough*

No. 12 (In my fridge):


Alas, the fridge is pretty bare. [/lie]

No. 13 (A treat)


I went back to the Island to mingle and grope, and also took a small trip to the downtown region of Port Isabel, where they not only had a lighthouse (more on that later) but also an ice cream shop.


They also sell fudge.


I usually make it a mission of mine that whenever I head over there, I get a half-pound of their delicious fudge, and it is very delicious, because it is handmade (more on that later also).

I also tried beer.


I am not a beer drinker, so trying this was something I rather not do again. Unless someone bought me one.

March Challenge 4-7


Now Listening: Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line
Mood: Moosie

Well, kinda.

I have been a bit busy with work and stuff that I haven’t been able to do much thinking on the daily themes, but I don’t mind, really. I can take photos whether or not they fit, right?

No. 4 (Where I sat):


I’ve been having a nice time outside lately. Like October Country, the March District has its share of cool breezes and pleasant times. Like Monday, where, after watering the front garden beds, I sat and read Terry Pratchett’s Dodger, an interesting book about a certain kid in London suddenly enmeshed in politics and delicious danger.

No. 5 (Sharp) could have me like this:


Knitting needles are not considered ‘sharp’ in any means, but I had to act ‘sharp’ for the City Meeting Tuesday night, in which I learned many things about the on-goings with the city and needed to write an article about them that night.

No. 6 (What I wore):


While I was waiting for Mom to run errands, I snapped this nifty photo. Not too shabby.

No. 7 (Hair):


Oddly enough, I’m getting pure silver shot through my hair more and more often. We put the blame on Mom, who has said on numerous occasions that her side of the family does get grey hairs earlier in their lives. Why couldn’t I have gotten Dad’s hair, which did not show any grey at all really.

March Challenge 1 & 2/31


No. 3 should have been done when I was doing the dishes. *shrugs*

Anywho, how’s you guys? I have been busy this weekend due to trying to decipher notes that I made last year, having fun, and, of course, knitting.

Friday (clock):


Dare I say it, the hoodie’s sleeves are kicking my arse. They are belligerent, terrible, and downright crappy. And I have to make two of them! I am very tempted to kick it into my Procrastination Bin, but then I would have to answer to the person who asked for it. Ho hum.

Still, it is going to be worth it when I finish it all. I know it will.

Saturday (morning):


I love having Alexander and Bearnard with me to curl up in the morning. I wish there was a handsome bear to be behind me, but that’s something else to wish for.

Yesterday was also the monthly Market Days, where I spent most of the day. Plenty of Winter Texans were there, but that did not deter me from taking a few photos.

p_00206 p_00205
p_00201 p_00199

As I said, fun times. And I didn’t cover a tenth of it, unfortunately. I’ll probably take more later. 😀

I have also been knitting.


In a huge effort to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong, I am poring over my notes for Nénuphar (all in Photoshop files for easy editing) and I have been busily knitting and reknitting to know what has been going on. I think I am doing well enough. I just need to tweak some things, make much more notes, and hopefully it’ll be sent to my test knitters by week’s end.

I am using worsted acrylic and US10.5 needles simply for the size contrast of knitting with US8s, and the resulting swatch could be used for a very nice scarf. I simply have to take photos of it when I’m done. 😀