As much as I like making sourdough bread, I really want to try this one as well. (also, reblogging posts – amazing)

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The word “Sourdough” has been stuck in my head


My husband LOVES donuts


Why don’t you make Sourdough Donuts!?

I wanted to make donuts for a long time,

because my husband tends to go get donuts at SEVEN ELEVEN whenever  he craves donuts.

And, actually that makes me sad…

So, I decided to experiment to make some donuts with my sourdough starter while he travels for his job!

Since I was not sure how it turns out,

I made a very small amount of dough to keep the damage at a minimum, in case it doesn’t come out well 😉

Yuko-Sourdough Donuts

I fried and fried and fried my donuts with grape seed oil!

Oh, I have to tell you an important thing.

You’ve got to FRY your donuts if you are looking for the soft, moist, fluffy and flavorful donuts!

Yuko-Sourdough Donuts

The fried-dough flavor and chocolate are to die for!

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