I don’t really care about how many spam comments are caught. Can I get real comments??

Any, let’s get this going, hm?


After a nice chest/back/abs workout, I went here, one of the many places in Harlingen that A) I have not been to, ever, and B) is located right near the Arroyo Colorado. By ‘near’ I mean ‘fantastic window view of said location’. The city turned the area into a walking/nature trail, not unlike our trail (ours has a resaca!)

While the order – Lemon Chicken – was being prepared, I knit.


A few surrounding tables noticed, but I was too busy knitting to make conversation. The food was delicious: hot and sour soup as a starter, then the chicken with fried rice and a small egg roll. I couldn’t finish it all, which is saying something.

On the other hand, Monday, I want to the gardens.


The local gardening shop, that is, where I bought some grapefruit mint and another rosemary plant. I have had little success in growing rosemary, but I am very determined to make this work this year.

I also took this.


There was a royalty of monarch butterflies passing through that day, and many of them were seen around the roses they are currently selling. I snapped this one, just sunning itself, before it fluttered away.


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