Let us make this a running commentary of a sort for this past week. With photos.


I am finding to wear this shirt more and more often. I dub it my lucky shirt, and I cannot be more the merrier when I’m wearing it. It’s one of those parts of me that, when slipped into place, never really leaves.

Anywho, this past week had me going to the gym and around Harlingen really. This upcoming week will involve cookies and pancakes as well, I am sure.


I have been taking photos of me as me, not doing anything, really. I need to get into an Instagram Monthly Photo Challenge I have done a few times last year, and willing to do more than that this year. Just need to plan for them, that’s all.

Of course, there’s the interesting places to see.


Like this area. Was the city post office before moving, then the city got into it and remodeled it into the San Benito Municipal Building. Here are where are the city meetings are; I need to take a photo of the school district building later on, I’m sure. I remember giving you folks a photo tour, and never got around to do another one. Maybe that can change.


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