Day in the life


Now Listening: Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing
Mood: Moosie

Well, yesterday, I mean.

So I was meant to go to Starbucks. I wanted some tea and some quality ‘net time. Maybe continue knitting the scarf. Instead, I went here.


The only one here in the immediate region (the other is in McAllen), and it gets very good business, as judged from the morning, where people were coming in and out, and almost all of the tables were full. I managed to get a spot to enjoy a pastry and coffee.


Actually that was a lemon-filled doughnut. Don’t tell anyone. >.>

When I was leaving, I noticed a poster of a new gym that was located behind the place, so on a lark, I went. And signed up.

Gym membership, gotten!

It’s cheap ($10 per month). It’s your average gym (cardio, weights, lockers/showers). They play classic rock! Lots of eye candy! YES! I need to fix my workout times, though. More on that later.

I also got a haircut.

After haircut

No.3 gauge on the bottom and thinned at the top. Cris and I thought it would be terrible, but it turned out to be very neat. This is most definitely be my haircut of the year.

And today…? Well…


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