True to Form, Part Eight


I wrote this last night, during a massive thunderstorm.

The tunnel ran deep through the area, the floor covered with thick layers of sludge and silt while the walls glistened with abnormal slimes. Anyone going through the area would be certainly be at odds trying to get through it unstained.
Beyond the tunnel was a broad chamber, all bricks and cobblestones. Finely worked metalwork glistened with vicious humors; the ceiling caked with swaths of cobwebs that were filled with scurrying creatures. A steel door stood barred across from the room.
I was at the beginning of the tunnel and looked around the area with a mix of awe and nervousness. I looked at Moose, still dressed in his conservative clothes. “This is from the game, ‘Fright of the Night 3’, isn’t it?”
He nodded. “Yep.” He waved a hand over to the opposing door. “And behind that door, there are several dozen demons waiting to burst out and devour you.”
“Wow.” I looked around the room again and tapped a brick to test its reality. “And you are telling me that the software did this?”
Moose nodded again. “Carlos does an excellent rendering of the game, if I could be so bold to say.” He reached over and hugged me gently, nuzzling me with his velvet nose. “I guess my and Billy’s appearance has been straining your sanity a bit, right?”
I chuckled. “’Straining’ is an understatement,” I said, luxuriating in the embrace. I breathed in his musk, and my mind cast back to the feeling of him ramming himself into me; I couldn’t help but get a bit aroused.
Moose snorted. “If you want to rut, we will, but first…” He separated and motioned to the wall behind me. I turned around to see a golden box floating in mid-air. “…some game play.”
“A save point?” I asked myself, but I knew by heart how the game went. You saved the game, and then…
I touched the box, and I felt something shift. “Save complete,” a neutral voice said.
Running was heard, and I turned to see a thin guy in white, shoulder-length hair cut triangularly rush into the tunnel. He was dressed in blue and silver, and had two swords strapped on his back.
“Kayas!” the guy said. “Zargos’ summoned his minions to invade the city. We have to stop them.”
I found myself saying the scripted game lines. “Do not worry,” I said, standing straighter than usual. “They will not pass through us.”
The guy placed a hand on my shoulder. “I know.” He grinned his trademark smile, then reached back to pull his swords out. They glistened in the dim light of the chamber.
I reached over to my side to pull out my own sword. It was a ten-foot broadsword, etched with runes down the middle. The weapon gleamed brightly, eager to kill demonspawn.
The door exploded towards us, sliding onto the muck and landing at our feet. We both turned to see a gnarled creature with needle-thin claws rush towards us, one out of the dozens that burst out of the doorway, like pus from a boil. The guy rushed forward, jumped up, and landed next to him. He flourished the swords, and the demon was sliced in even thirds.
“Hurry!” he urged as he killed another demon.
I ran towards the gibbering horde with a battle cry issuing out of my mouth, my sword raised high. My mind, on the other hand, was trying to remember how it got itself in this…
Moose and Billy finished their meal and were trying to bring me into their conversation.
“And so,” Moose said gesturing broadly, “he says that I am not allowed to cum, and I freak. I mean, my balls are already loaded and ready to blow, and he tells me I can’t cum?”
Billy nodded, drinking a glass of wine. “Yeah, I hear ya.”
“And so,” Moose continues, still gesturing, “we have sex. I mean, he’s tight as hell, and that gets me going more and more. I plow that ass like no tomorrow, and he only wants me to go harder, deeper, faster.”
“Can we talk about something that is not sex-related?” I said, blushing up a storm.
The duo chuckle loudly. Moose reaches over and musses my hair, an action so natural and loving that, oddly enough, my heart leaps in joy. “How about gaming? From what you write, you have some pretty neat ideas.”
I hesitate for a moment before nodding. “Sure. What do you want to know?”
That led me to going to the computer and showing them ‘Fright of the Night 3’, one of my favorite games. The two were amazed over the screenshots and the video clips that I find on the net, but a while after Carlos popped up and asked if I would like to be a chance the play the game in a new way…

I flung the blade around, beheading several demons and wounding several others. My armor was already etched with black acid-blood, and I knew it would be worthless soon enough. My mind raced through what I could do in this scene, and I grabbed onto an idea.
I clutched my sword and muttered something. The runes glowed brightly as I swung it again. A neon-green arch of light shot out, killing a huge swath of the horde. I looked around, not seeing my companion anywhere. I flourished the weapon another time, mowing another area of the horde down. But they just kept coming!
“Don’t worry, Kayas,” a voice said. “I got your back!”
A hugely built black guy in a stained wife beater and leather pants came up carrying a huge machine gun and started to shoot at the horde. They went down like the damned creatures they were. The battle music from the game ran through my mind, and I grinned. “Welcome to the battle, kid.”
The guy grinned back. “Don’t mention it, sir.”
Suddenly, a huge creature lands over me, shaped like the demons but four? five? times as big. He grinned, showing thousands of needle-pointed teeth. Thick drops of drool landed on me, burning holes into the armor. I winced in pain as its sharp claws prickled into my arms.
“You will die, chosen one,” the creature hissed, his beetle eyes narrowing in glee. “You will die, and no one will be able to save you from your fate.”
“In a pig’s eye,” I growled out, feeling the spit inch its way into my underclothes and sizzling onto my skin. I flailed my hand about, trying to grab the sword, but it remained just out of reach.
A knife wedged itself into the demon’s torso, causing the creature to howl in pain. Another dagger went into its throat. With a soundless gurgle, it fell on me.
I heard gunfire and the screams of other demons being killed, and the beast was pushed away with a black combat boot. I looked up at my savior: Moose, dressed in army fatigues, looking extremely worried.
He helped me up. “You okay, son?”
I nodded, looking at the melee. The two guys were slaughtering the horde, and I was about to join in when Moose placed a restraining hand on my shoulder and nodded to his left. I turned to find a white-robed guy, swarthy and bearded, swinging a giant broadsword around, killing demons by the handful.
Moose shrugged. “I guess it was a glitch in the game.” He pointed towards the giant. “He was not supposed to be here, if I remember rightly.”
I nodded again, finally recognizing the figure. “Yeah, he is one of the major bosses of the game. But why—?”
I swung my sword another time, using the last of my power to kill the one of the remaining demons. After looking around to see if there was indeed any more, I took a scrap of cloth from one of them and used it to clean off the splatters of blood on it.
“Good job, Kayas!” the gunner said, grinning from ear to ear. “You did well.”
I nodded. “Thanks to you and Murray,” I said gruffly, sheathing the sword back. “C’mon, let’s go.”
I turned back to him and noticed the golden box. I touched it again.
“Save complete.”
I was suddenly back where I was before, at the entry of the tunnel. The place was back to its previous state, the door firmly closed. Moose stood there, still dressed in fatigues and looking more worried, but relieved as well.
“Good lord,” he said, hugging me tightly. “I thought the simulation would keep you in there.”
“Mmmph!” I groaned out. I tried to hug back, but I was embraced too tightly. “Glad to see you too!” I managed to grunt out.
“Come on,” he said, motioning me out of the place and through a door that lead into the living room. “You need a shower, and I need an explanation!”

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