I haz a scarf!



So! The Harlot’s posted her Doctor Scarf, so here’s mine.


I’m shuddering at the her admission of already half done.

Half done. I don’t know if I can knit that fast, or that stolidly. But then, I do have a short attention span (ooh, muffins! *noms*)

Still, I am interested that she is doing this, and I feel all the more happy that she is doing it. It’s like she’s cheering me on in a so-vague-it-is-practically-nonexistent way.

Not to mention, I can do nifty shots like this.


FYI: I’m a fifth of the way done. Could be fourth. I need to measure when I’m done with the section.

So I’m here, at UTB, after finding out that the paperwork I submitted to the school VA office was misinterpreted into thinking Dad’s records were mine, which threw Mom and I for a loop last night. Even stranger was when, after looking through the paperwork, they said I filled out the wrong form, and I needed to redo the entire thing. Which I did. But at least they could have clarified some things before I did it the first time. :\

I could gouge some people with my antlers, you know? *grumbles*


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