After missing a bus to Harlingen, I decided to get something from Burger King and tune out to the broadcasted music. Which is alright. I was expecting modern pop, but it’s stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in Siruis/XM’s ‘The Loft’ station.

So what’s going on with you? I am alright so far. We had a huge cold front move in New Year’s eve, and it’s been raining/drizzling for most of the time. I just wish I had this weather during December instead of now. 😐

Yesterday, I knit.

And knit.

And knit more.

Not the scarf, which is doing alright, but the Donut hoodie. I need to start with the sleeves, though; I’m almost done with the main body. I also need to buy another set of US8 doublepoints, seeing I only have one set.

I also frogged the brown cable scarf. It wasn’t working out, to be honest, but that’s alright, because it makes me plan for other things to knit with it. Maybe a slim garter stich? Or a thickly lacy shawl? Hm.


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