In with the new…


…and out with the old. That is how the saying goes. However…


There is still a lot to go.

Diana went to get some of those delicious cupcakes from the bakery I mentioned last week, where they were selling their luscious cupcakes a dollar each, so she got a baker’s dozen of them.

Anywho, how was your New Years? Mine was unspectacular. The kids did firecrackers; I sat in my room, reading Thud and playing Minecraft while jamming out to Steely Dan (the musical choice is traditional!)

So what are your resolutions? I don’t have many, be seeing I’m not that much a person to set goals for myself, but the ones I have are:

  • Get back into working out – I have been bemoaning the fact that I don’t have a place to lift, and I need to change that. I know of several places that get a monthly membership on the cheap (less than $25), so I need to look into seeing what exactly I need to do and how to do it. I also need to get back onto the Trail and walk again. Maybe get into jogging.

  • Also included with this is to try (try!) to get into a diet. Or at least eating healthier. I hunt for anything that does not have high fructose corn syrup and is highly processed, but not as actively as I am supposed to. I am eating at McDs, which is a terrible mistake itself, but it’s cheap. And they don’t allow sandwiches there. :\

  • To embrace chaos, in all forms. By this, I mean, to acknowledge the uncertainty of the future and to steer my life past any upsets as they appear. I have done so before, but this year I plan to be more active in it.

  • To get myself out of my room and into the outside! I need to see the region as it stands, and that will include loads of bus passes. Also, to get more into gardening (subclause – although this has been a resolution years repeated, I think I have a running chance this year, now that I know what I can grow here).

Minor ones include doing the 364 Photo Meme again (which you should have guessed), more baking/cooking/knitting, trying to find a job with a regular, nonfluctuating paycheck, and other things of that nature. Maybe even getting a tattoo. Who knows.


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