True to Form, Part Seven


This should have been done in the beginning of December, but I forgot about it…

“Hello?” I entered the house and closed the door behind me. I raised my voice a bit. “Hello?”
“Hello!” Moose came through the hallway dressed in an apron and a chef’s hat. “You’re just in time; lunch is about to be served.”
“Wait, what?” I asked, confused, but he quickly ushered me into the dining room. He chuckled when my jaw dropped.
The room was bigger, more opulent. Crystal and silver gleamed on top of a mahogany tabletop. Oil lamps hanging from the hugely vaulted ceiling burned brightly. The walls appeared to be clothed in oiled silk embroidered with obscure designs, and the floor was tiled with squares of different colored marbles.
“What the heck is going on here?” I asked, looking around at the room.
“I could ask you the same question,” someone growled back.
I turned as someone walked into the room with a loaded tray of food. He gently slid between the both of us and placed it on the table; Moose followed and began fixing up the silverware. I took a longer glance at this creature – it appeared to be a shaggy minotaur. He was dressed the same as the moose, if a bit more built. That’s when I noticed something.
“You’re not…erm…” I motioned vaguely to Moose’s heavily bound jockstrap when he fixed the food onto the table.
He grinned and rubbed his head sheepishly. “Yeah, I had Carlos fix things up a bit.”
“Wait…,” I tried to wrap my head around this. Carlos had fixed this? “I thought the game was locked against changes in the character.”
He shrugged. “Dunno how he did. One moment I was trying get myself into something tight, next moment, I’m like this.” He cupped his massive bulge. “Still want to fuck like bunnies, though. Fortunately, I have Billy here.” He nudged the minotaur, who snorted a bit before going back out.
“Billy?” I looked at the retreating figure, showing off a very thick rump, a hugely broad back, and a flicking tail.
“Oh yeah,” Moose said. “Carlos showed me to create new characters.” He grinned a bit. “I created Billy from one of your stories I found on the computer.”
“Wait…” I held up a hand, trying to make sense out of this. “You were playing with my computer?”
Moose stopped what he was doing and came up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder and lifting my chin with the other. He smiled gently. “Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything that I was sure wouldn’t be damaging to the computer. Carlos lead the way mostly.”
I wasn’t worried about the computer, but instead how he got into my files. I was about to ask another question when Billy carried in a small tray of hors d’oeuvre, which he laid on the already crowded table. “I think we should get ready,” he rumbled out as he straightened up.
Moose nodded, and turned towards him. “I think so too.” He looked over his shoulder. “We’ll be right back to get into something more comfortable. Feel free to help yourself to the canapés.” And with that they were gone.
I sat down on a heavily brocaded chair, my head reeling a bit over what Moose told me. Carlos did this? I looked around at the room, which should have been more at home in a mansion. I reached towards the tray and picked a miniature cream-puff, which I popped into my mouth and chewed thoughtfully.
The Carlos I met at the office said everything was going alright. Could he be capable of lying? I discarded the idea. I was pretty sure that he was programmed to say the truth. But if that was the case, then what was the one I had in my computer?
“You keep playing,” he said before I left. Like I could stop now. This so-called game is getting out of control. I took a bite into a crispy canapé before I heard a muffled moan from across the hall.
I stood and walked over to my room, where, for some reason, I was sure that they would be. And then stood transfixed at the sight that greeted me.
Billy was there, naked, sitting on the corner of my bed. He was shaggier than I thought, but that didn’t hide his thick build or his eraser-sized nipples, which Moose was busily chewing and sucking on. He was kneeling on the floor, one hand rubbing the guy’s back while the other was rubbing a really huge slab of drooling, rock-hard meat. His rump, solidly encased in the jockstrap, was facing towards me. Groans of pleasure issued forth from Bill’s open mouth; his eyes pinched shut. One of his hands was pinching a nip while the other was pressing Moose’s head against his chest.
“I’m gonna cum, moose-boy,” Billy growled out before throwing his head back and bellowing deeply, his cock spitting out a heavy splurt of cream. Moose instantly enveloped his mouth around it, expertly catching it all, and placed his muzzle around the head, which only caused the minotaur to moan more and press a hand against the moose’s head.
“Yeah, boy,” he muttered, pushing the head down, “take it all. Take my load,” he added as Moose sucked it down. He slowly inched down, his tongue wrapping around the thick member and massaging it, trying to milk out more of the bull’s cream. Muffled groans were heard from Moose as he tried to drink it all. Billy’s other hand inched down to grope Moose’s thick asscheek.
I slowly backed out and quickly walked to the dining room, where I sat myself down, trying to calm my burgeoning erection. But the image of Moose and Bill were firmly etched in my mind.
“Sorry about the delay,” I heard Moose say behind me. “We were trying to find something that fitted me.”
I turned around to see Moose and Bill dressed in button-down shirts, Moose in green plaid and Bill in solid orange and khaki slacks. They looked at ease, for reasons I could imagine, causing my hard-on to throb.
“So,” Moose said, “shall we begin lunch?”


“You failed.”
Phil hung his head in front of the five people in front of him. The secretary was at the side still, typing silently.
“I am very sorry,” Phil said to the five. “I didn’t know he was there.”
“Understood,” Three said. “However, Carlos should have notified us immediately when he appeared. The fact that he did not and instead notify Customer Service is most unusual.”
“Indeed,” Four said. He glanced at the others. “I make the motion to start with the disciplinary action.”
“Patience,” Two said, wagging a finger at Four. “He did not know who he looked like. Because of that, there is no need to do anything.” He looked at Phil with perfect blandness. “Yet.”
Phil shivered a bit at the way he said ‘yet’.
“One last chance to fix this, 0392,” he said. “Do not fail. Now, leave.”
Phil bowed, his arms bolted to the sides, and vanished.
One idly turned the pages of his report. “We may have to enlist someone else. According to the reports, there is another character. Someone with an interesting power.”
“Also, we might also have to ask for the achievement list,” Five remarked, smiling slightly.
“Another memo, gentlemen?” the secretary asked, her typing not faltering, never faltering.
“Indeed, Miss Meredeth,” Four said. “Put it through the usual channels.”
“Yes sir.”

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