Here, there, everywhere



As mentioned, I got a fluffy robe for Christmas. Not much of a haul, but there you go. It's not bad, and I wear it almost constantly when I'm at home. Like yesterday, where I spent most of the time playing Minecraft. I'm currently stuck in a secondary abandoned mine, right below the first one, and comes out right at the sheer bottom of a really great rift. Of course, there are other rifts in that rift and in both mines, leading to a giant maze of interspaced corridors and giant spiders and stuff. I love it.

I also got a package in the mail from DeviantArt, which, when opened, had these.


Clockwise from top, Lindelokse‘s Subtle Glory, Industrial Forest‘s Entrance to the Sacred Tree, and NoseShark‘s Wal-r-Us. All the art was on my wishlist. I do not know who sent them, which is a damned shame because the package does not show who sent them over.

But yay, more art to hang on my wall!

Today had me working.


Waiting on calls that will probably not respond back and leads that will not go anywhere. It’s one of those days. Still, the last Thursday of the year. I need to get my stuff together.


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