Running commentary!



It's cold out.

Includes a $250 leather jacket that I got at a local rummage shop for $6, my knitted beanie, and my bear pride scarf.

Of course, the sun came out only five minutes after the photo was taken, so that dampened my spirit a bit. Just a bit.

It has been a while since I actually updated instead of showing you photos in all states of so-called dishabille. So, let's see.

  • The majority of the Christmas decor is up. The tree is decorated, the lights are up, my own tree is out and lit. All we need is more cold!
  • I've have diagnosed with common-variety depression.  Nothing very serious. I have stressed that I want drugs to be a last resort, to which the folks I go to agree that it was the plan, so that is good.
  • School is throwing up a hurdle for me to pass. No one told me that my Financial Aid was going to be suspended this semester (due to me not quite getting the class GPA), and apparently my email was tossed to the spam folder, so right now I'm appealing. If I don't get it, then I'm off until other forces help me to pay the classes off.
  • Speaking of school, I have put forth paperwork for assorted VA things (I am sure I told you this). No word yet, unfortunately.
  • Knitting is going through the usual hiatus. I have gotten inspired from a Christmas card that I got and making a new hat of stripey goodness. I also found the perfect recipient for the Wingspan scarf (no, not me)
  • Work could be said better. We've come to a standstill with what I can do, seeing that there really hasn't been much of anything I have been assigned to do. But it's alight really. I'm still there, but I am looking through the job hunts to see if I can get a better job. Not that I can, though. The pickings are slim here.

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