Well, the scarf is finished.


Gotcha, didn't I? 😀

After Terra kept on whining informing me that she wanted the scarf for the winter, I have been putting it off. Until this weekend, when I did the last foot and cast off. I sewed in the ends and gave it to her, where she instantly put it on and showed it off to everyone else. She didn’t want tassels, nor did she want it to be blocked. Which is okay, either way.

What is next is the Sinfest Secret Santa Gift Scarf. Which will include some nifty stuff from the latest Interweave Knits magazine, and some finagling with the stitchings.


Also, I went off walking yesterday, and had a bit of time around the old stadium and took this neat photo. Just didn’t have the time to post it then. *laughs*


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