Had an appointment with the local doctor today, only to find that it was rescheduled. If only I had a phone.

Hold a tic… *looks through past entries* Hah, didn’t mention it.

Okay then, Sunday, I lost my phone. I distinctively remember putting it on my computer desk Saturday night, but Sunday it wasn’t there anymore. I turned the room upside down, with no results. So I consider the phone a lost cause. Which is okay, because it gives me the opportunity to buy a new one. But that will come later.


So, there I was, bemoaning myself over the change because they couldn’t contact me. I was also interested in some breakfast, so I went over to a local breakfast nook and had myself coffee and tacos.

Alas, I haven’t done much on the Nano. Although it is doing well, I just haven’t had the time (gumption) to write it. I’m not giving up though. 7,795 words are there on the paper, already written. I just need less distraction, that’s all.

Still, the writing is doing well, period. The news column is a blast, and I’ve been ‘mobbed’ by many people saying that they recognize me from the column. It’s a hoot.


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