*throws money*



At the moment of writing, 3,484 words. About a thousand more, me thinks. I can do it. The story is running smoothly. Here's a partial:

“If you two lovebirds can get out of the mush stage,” Marlene said, giving her henna-dyed curls a scrunch, “I would appreciate making sure all of the trash is burnt. Thanks.” She, dressed in skin-tight striped halter and matching shorts, then stared down to examine her nails, each one a different color.

The two checked the fire. The photos turned to blackened ash, and they were starting to break apart into ebony shreds that spit out of the flames. Steven nodded in satisfaction.

“There. All of them, gone. All of the memories of the family that I thought loved me.” There was an edge of prickly spite in the voice. “Gone, never to be seen again.” He turned to Grover, the smile appearing in full view. “Thank you, once again.”

“No problem,” Grover said, smiling back.

The fire was doused with a shock of wetness. The two turned over to Marlene, lit by the full moon and holding a metal pail. “Can we go now? I have other things to do that are far more interesting than to watch you two make out.”

“You’re a bitch,” her brother said.

“What else is news?” she shot back, tossing her hair back, her penciled lips curled thinly into a smirk. She then turned around and walked slowly to the car.

Steven, frowning, asked, “How is that girl could ever be related to you?”

Grover only shrugged in response.

The website is giving me lots of inspiration, and the quiet of the library is helping out. But I am still getting distracted with Tumblr and Twitter. *blargh*


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