Let the brass band play
Let them souse your blues away…
-The Felice Brothers, “Run Chicken Run”


Not exactly such, but whipped cream and mocha frappes have been weaknesses of mine, which has been documented before.

SO! Oddly enough, I have been in a mellow mood, not due to things from Mcds. Instead, I have been soothed by accordions.

This past weekend was the 21st annual Conjunto Fest. Conjunto is a genre of music that born here in the Valley (and I think here in San Benito to be honest) during the beginnings of the 20th century. The music often uses the button accordion, which, unlike the bagpipes, is much better on the soul. Well, depends on your musical background.

Anywho, I spent the Sunday trying to sell newspaper subscriptions. Alas, no one bit, but I did get a few folks interested in placing ads, so I didn’t leave completely empty-handed. I did chill out a bit and relax while the bands were playing. And did they play. Wow. Loads of accordions and dancing. I didn’t dance myself, but I did tap my foot to the beat sometimes.

I do know how to dance to the music, don’t get me wrong. Grandma, when she was still around, used to for a few turns around the floor whenever the family was invited to a quincinera or wedding reception, and she taught me how to do most of the steps; I improvised the rest.


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