*sings along*


Sleeve is doing fine.


I love it, but the cuff still needs plotting. I don’t know if I should do it all-to-the-wrist then hem, or do some kind of ribbing. And if ribbing, then what kind? Classic 1×1 rib or something else? All these ideas!

And the collar! I need to figure out what to do there. Ribbing surely, but what kind?! I have no idea at all. So I’ve been rummaging through my pattern books, looking for ribbing patterns. And I have found several, but none speak to me as the one I should use. It’s crazy.

Anywho, sleeve. Halfway done sleeve. The stripes look freakin’ awesome on me, I think (I will regret saying that later on, I know it!) So far, so good. I have taken a few pages from E. Zimmerman in regards to the shaping, but I think it is doing fine. She also advises for hems in some of her sweaters, so I am somewhat veering towards it.


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