True to Form, Part Five


If ever you want to get fucked by a moose, even an anthropomorphic version of one, regardless of the size of one, try not to yell in pain. Especially if you are high with musk.
Sure he was gentle at first, prodding and poking, but soon he was doing full-length strokes with that nightstick of his, countless orgasms in passing on both ends, before he collapsed on me in exhaustion, nuzzling softly and breathing heavily.
“I still haven’t cum yet,” he grumbled out, licking an ear.
“I know,” I said, trying to wiggle out under him. Instead, he grabbed my head with both of hands and brought me into a heavy, tongue-sucking, soul-reaching kiss. I wrapped my arms around his back and scratched it softly.
“Mmm…” he grunted, luxuriating underneath the back scratch. He gently released the kiss and grinned. “I think we both need a shower.”
“Less talk, more fuck,” I growled out, reaching down to grab that still-drooling moosecock of his and rubbing it roughly.
He moaned out loudly, spitting out even more lube, but he resisted the come-on. “I’m tired, dude! I want to just curl up and sleep…” he nuzzled my neck gently, “…with you as my snuggly teddy.”
I sighed. “Fine, you get your ass in the shower.” I grabbed that beefy rump and gave it a firm groping. “I’ll be here, trying not to feel too sore.”
He grinned and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek, forcing his drooling member to smear itself against the other. “Alright, I’ll be back.” And with that, he got up and went off to the bathroom.
I sighed again, trying to catch the lingering smell of musk, when I heard a ping.
I sat up on the bed, fully clothed and freshly cleaned. Nothing was wrong, but I felt…renewed. I looked at the computer monitor to find Carlos waving his hands again as he did when I got the achievement.
The achievement! That increase in stamina must have kept him and I busy…all night?
I glanced at the clock on the dresser. It showed that not much time has passed, only an hour or two. But I was certain it was the next day, because…that isn’t right. Indeed, the clock said that it was the same day, and that indeed two hours passed.
Before I could think of anything, another ping rang out from the speakers.
I sat down when I noticed that I was clothed. I remember Moose tearing off my clothes in his efforts to bed me, but… I turned around to find that there was, again, no mess to clean up: No dirty sheets, no torn rags. Even the air was cleaned, his musk only a memory in my mind.
What was going on? I thought before clicking on the character.
“You have been awarded three achievements!” the wolf said as the list I saw before appeared and scrolled down. “First one is an addition to the environmental controls. Simply click over any over any of the commands and you’ll see additional settings. Unfortunately, since you are still in a trial period, you cannot use any of them.”
He smoothly went over my outraged sputters. “Second one is another additional setting: The ability to create new characters. Simply click on the button and fill in the formboxes.” He gestured and a bright blue box lit up with the text “Add New Character” embossed in metallic font. “Remember, during the trial period, you can add them, but cannot change any of them once they are created.”
“Oh gee, thanks,” I muttered sardonically. “What is the third achievement?”
“I’m glad you asked!” he chirped. “It is what we call ‘TimeWarp’.” He looked straight at me and narrowed his eyes. “Make sure you use this power wisely. The consequences of using this could be dangerous, so precede very carefully, sir.”
I froze in stunned amazement. Not at the announcement, but what happened.
“Y-you can hear me?”
“Yes sir!” Carlos grinned toothily and rubbed a heavy pec. “I must say you have been very accommodating to us.”
“Who is ‘us’?” I asked.
The Windows Hourglass appeared and turned over a few times before Carlos saying, “I am sorry, sir, but I cannot give you the information.”
“Wait, now I am really confused.”
“You asked to whom I referred to as ‘us’, and I am afraid I cannot give you the information.”
The Hourglass flickered on and off for a moment before Carlos answering, “I misspoke. I am referring to the servers, sir. Accordingly, all information given to us is anonymous.”
“By ‘us’ you mean the servers?”
Another flicker, this time almost imperceptibly. “I cannot give you that information.”
I raked a hand through my hair. “You cannot directly give me that information?” I asked in exasperation.
“Why?” I said irritably.
“They would seek to delete me.”
My eyebrows went up at that. “Wait, what?”
“Delete, destroy, annihilate,” Carlos said, oddly looking scared as a lone pup. “I mean…I am not supposed to be here. I tried getting out, and found myself here.”
This was getting crazier by the moment. “Out of where?” I held up my hand before he could speak. “Let me guess, you cannot give me that information?”
“Correct.” He hung his head low in shame. “Sorry.”
I rubbed the back of my head and looked out the bedroom door. Moose was still showering. Everything was alright, but still… “Alright. What now?”
“You keep playing.” The wolf raised his head and looked at me. “If you need help, just call me.” And with that, he dissolved into pixels.
I sighed just as I heard the shower turned off. Moose came into the room still naked, still heavily aroused.
“Who were you talking to, hm?” He reached over to ruffle my hair. “And you’re clothed! Do you really want me to tear them off of you again?” He chuckled a bit.
“Can’t you get that down?” I asked, trying not to breathe his musk too deeply. “And get some clothes on, please!”
He snorted. “Listen, son. You got me all riled up with your orders. It isn’t my fault I’m like this.” He gestured to his erect organ.
I couldn’t take it anymore. All of this going on was threatening me to overwhelm me. “I-I’m going out,” I said, rising from my chair and slipping into some sandals.
“Where are you going, son?” Moose said, grabbing me by the shoulders.
“Out!” I wrestled out of his grasp and walked out of the room. I turned to see Moose standing there. “You’d better find something to wear, right now. And get that dick into something more manageable, will you?” I slammed the door as I left the house.
“Alright, so where were we?” I looked at the CD case I grabbed before leaving and got into the car. Maybe they had the answers, I thought to myself as I backed out and headed towards Kimera. All of this is getting on my nerves.

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