Prologue, prologue, prologue


No one exactly knew how that the war happened. Various sources state that the war was between ideologies, between the Church of Night and the Church of Day. Others state that it was one of power: whoever won proclaimed dominance above the entire world. Still, others hinted that the war is nothing more than an allegorical story about the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Nevertheless, the result was the same: a war torn world, a ravaged species of man, and chaos wherever you went. According to various records, the first appearance of the Great Father happened a few years after something called the Conjunction and led the way to the end of the war. What he did exactly remains to be a mystery, but a few sources state that he single-handedly destroyed the Church of Night and helped start a new age of the world.

It has been said that the leaders of the Church were sealed away, but no information exists concerning the event. It remains highly doubtful that such an event could have happened, seeing that various manuscripts state that the Father was a main protester of the war and strongly disliked the Church. Those same writings mentioned that he also disliked the Church of Day.

It is because of him that we are now living the way we are now: a highly advanced and pacifistic society with a common goal of bettering our fellow man. Still, we must keep vigilance over the world. For if we ever forget what the war stood against, I would be certain that the forces that set the war in motion in the first place will happen again with terrible consequences.

-Historian Ys’Hrux
Fifth Sphere of Learning, Z’Mol, Eighth Province of Tur


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