Due to Fat Bunny Week


He plopped down the plate with a flourish. “Behold!” Caesar said grandly.
Max looked at the cupcake in front of him. It was a huge one, frosted with chocolate frosting and decorated with sprinkles. The cupcake wrapper had little rabbits and carrots scattered around it.
“This is what I paid five dollars for?” he asked.
Caesar nodded. “Yes sir! Hope you enjoy it.” And with that, he bustled off to another table.
Max frowned slightly at the cupcake. It didn’t seem too much of a dessert, but everyone claimed they were the best in town. “Oh well”, he thought, giving a mental shrug, “might as well get my money’s worth.” And with that thought he unwrapped the cupcake and took a bite.
Colors exploded around him. A chorus of angels lofted him to the sky singing songs of hosanna. His tongue turned into a puddle of molten slag, and his body filled with utter pleasure.
“Holy fuck, this cupcake is delicious!” he thought as he took another bite, then another, and then one more, finishing the confection and licking his fingers. With a contented sigh, he reached over for the napkin, ready to leave when he noticed there was another cupcake on his plate.
Ah, Max thought, maybe it’s an all-you-can-eat cupcake thing, looking at the cupcake. Same as before, it looked delightfully tempting. Giving in, he quickly unwrapped and gobbled down the cupcake. He closed his eyes in bliss as he masticated slowly, savoring the rich moistness of the cake and the thick chocolaty flavor. After a while, he opened his eyes and glanced at the plate.
Which had two cupcakes now.
Max looked at Caesar, who was across the room taking down an order, puzzled as he could be. Who was giving him the cupcakes? He rubbed his belly, feeling it press gently against his belt. Odd, he thought, he didn’t think he was this chubby. But he just adjusted his belt a bit, and started to eat one of the cupcakes: one with yellow frosting and sprinkles shaped like carrots.
“Mmmph, carrot cake!” he exclaimed as he took another bite, which he quickly chewed and swallowed before taking another bite. His other hand quickly took the other and he started to eat it as well.
Caesar looked at Max, who was busily chowing down on the cupcakes with the hunger of a starving man, and grinned slightly. “Any moment now,” he thought.
Max finished eating the cupcakes, and brushed the crumbs off of his shirt. He noticed that it was straining a bit and that his belly was bigger than before. “Damn,” he muttered, “I really need to get bigger shirts.” Then he looked at the plate.
This time there were three.
He grew slightly alarmed at this, but his belly growled loudly, eager to be filled with the delicious cake, and his mouth watered, wanting nothing more than to nom on this dessert that turned his brain into fluff and his soul into whipped cream.
So he ate them. He shoved them into his mouth, making slight sounds of enjoyment in-between bites. He didn’t hear the buttons popping off of his shirt, nor the small ripping sounds his pants were giving him. He felt that he wanted another cupcake, grabbing onto the next one on his plate, and just tossing it into his mouth.
He scratched his belly a bit, feeling soft fur, and wondered, “Have I always been this hairy?” Then he glanced down and noticed that it was covered in soft white fur. Then he glanced at his hand, which was also starting to be covered with fur. “Kinda like rabbit fur,” he thought to himself jokingly as one hand rubbed his gut while the other helped itself to another cupcake. He looked at the plate, still filled with cupcakes, and took a bite out of the one with the marshmallow bunny on the top.
With a loud creak, the chair he was sitting on collapsed on himself, causing Max to fall onto the floor with a solid thunk. He swore loudly, trying to get up, but for some reason, his legs wouldn’t work. Instead, they were buried under a huge sphere of fur-covered flab.
Caesar came up to the table. “Are you okay, sir?”
Max struggled to get up in a standing position. “I think I need another chair, dude.”
Caesar nodded and got another one, which, with some help, Max got on. “Enjoy your cupcakes, sir,” he said, smirking slightly, and then walking off.
“Wha…?” Max asked, then looked at the table. On it there was a cupcake carousel, each spot held a cupcake. Each one looked oh so delicious and tempting. His stomach growled so loudly that he was sure that everyone in the room heard.
“Oh damn…” he thought, looking at them, trying to figure out just what was going on. He scratched his head in confusion, his fingers feeling something long, furry and slightly ticklish. He brought it down to his line of sight, and finding out it was a rabbit ear.
Very confused, he looked at the mirror across the room and saw an almost naked bunny, his shirt and pants in shreds. A huge gut took up most of his front, and a fluffy tail was showing the back. He glanced up in alarm, seeing a pert nose, whiskers, and a set of tall bunny ears.
“What the fuck is going on?!” he exclaimed, surprised that apart from that initial shock, he was taking it in rather calmly. He glanced at Caeser, who was now smirking openly, nodding and motioning towards the cupcakes. Max looked at them again and without any more prompting, ate one.
“Mmm…” he moaned out as he finished it and helping himself to another one. He didn’t notice that he was getting fatter, or perhaps he didn’t care. All he wanted was another cupcake, and another, and another three…
A bit later, he burped, wiping crumbs and frosting off of his face with the back of his hand. He glanced down, wiping the crumbs off of his heavy stomach, and helped himself to another delicious cupcake. He no longer cared how much was on the table now, he just wanted another one. Then he noticed it.
Someone has thoughtfully placed a cup of milk on the table. And a carrot.


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