No.19: Hole


The Sweater is technically a hole now.


I have to thank Walker's Knitting From the Top for this amazing project. Took a few pages from the book and fudged up details a bit to make a v-neck, as I mentioned before in passing, and joined everything the Friday before I had the operation done. (Damn, two weeks has passed by…wow.)



Not much to look at, but still worth looking at. You can see the neck shaping and the striping. Also, you can see a small glimpse of the raglan increasing that has caused me so much blasted trouble. You see, I was busy getting distracted with them that I kept calculating and wondering why I was getting so many mixed results.

When I started the sweater, the equation for the number of stitches I would have every stripe was:


Back, the two shoulders, and the two front pieces, respecively. 'X' being the number of stripes finished times the number of the increases in each stripe plus the starting number. Simple algebra, I know.  But the results…good grief.

First I added the front and back together to see how much rows I would do before I would put them together. Fine, that went good. Then, I accidently added the two shoulder parts without thinking and that caused me a bit of worrying that I was knitting a circus tent before I came to my senses. After that, I just kept on increasing until, according to the book, the front and back were the same number of stitches, joined, and began kntting in one long tube.

Now I just increase at the raglans and gonna keep on doing that until…well, I don't know how much more I need really. I need a tape measure to figure that out. If I can find one, that is.


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