It has been a while since the last time I posted, and the reason why was a doozie. Sure, a good number of you know already thanks to Twitter and FB, but thought to post it here.

Saturday morning I felt terribly queasy and dizzy. I spent most of the day having dry heaves and queasy stomach. I thought it was just food poisoning until that night, I suffered from shakes and chills for about ten minutes. Soon I was rushed to the ER.

After a battery of blood testing, a MRI, and an X-ray, the doc came in and said that it was appendicitis, and I needed to have it removed immediately. So Sunday morning, I had went under the knife.

According to the doc, the appendix was already necrotic, not exactly ready to burst, but needed to be removed. After the removal, I felt much better and getting better now, if rather weak and tired.


I spent a few days in the hospital and left Tuesday to home. After that it has been me taking meds and taking it easy. I started back onto knitting last night, me not exactly trusting my reflexes until then.

The antibiotics the doc gave me give me queasiness, but I take them anyways. I have been drinking lots of water (and pissing it away). However, I am grateful the doc caught it in time. Who knows what would have happened if we treated this as a stomach flu?


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