I think I might have a case of startitis.

All those who knit will know what I’m talking about. It’s when you suddenly start on three, four, five, six (or more!) projects within a short amount of time. Like a day or so.

Or, in my case, a couple of days.

Yesterday had me acting like Cathy of the comics. In a number of them, her mind would drift to things she’s not supposed to have, like eating chocolate, then in a show of giving in, would freak out and do it anyways. That is what happened with me.

I mean, I didn’t mean to do it. The yarn was calling my name, and the pattern looked so interesting and amazing, I just had to put down the lacy shawl and cast on.

I’m making another sweater. This time, a top-down raglan.

I was tempted by photos of the the one made by BrooklynTweed, which then got me re-reading Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top. To which I said, after reading how to do it, said, “I could do this!”

Of course, dealing with fine-gauge yarns have left my hands kinda wonky, so I’m dealing with the problem by chunky garter scarf out of some old vintage wool held double. So far, so good, I think so.

Still, the sweater. Oh my. It is so good and so well and just so… *happy sigh*


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