Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow



Had to go on assignment yesterday to cover a festival that was supposed to happen two weeks ago. However, due to heavy rains, it got moved to yesterday. It wasn’t too bad. Just was very hot and didn’t have many people coming until it cooled down a bit. Still, I had some awesome times with my current partner-in-crime.


Meet Sal. Nice guy, snazzy dresser, and a fantastic person to hang around with. One of the last group of folks I met up with during my semester in TSTC. Oh, and he is a Pokemon fan.

Today had me knitting up my latest project.


A take on the half-circle shawl I did for Lisa, but instead I am substituting other patterns instead of the originally slated patterns. The yarn is a ball of Buffalo Gold discontinued Buffboo (75% Bamboo, 25% Bison) that I got from a random grab-bag the company was selling during the Halloween season. Cris got a hold of it and loved it since. The shawl was supposed to be a birthday gift.

Yeah. I tend to be late about these things. Sue me.


Tomorrow? I havn’t the faintest idea what will happen. I’ll go to work, but apart from that, no idea. Might take an early bus to Harlingen or even take one to McAllen. Who knows.


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