Comings and Goings


One of the oddest things I’ve discovered about this week was mainly its ability to disappoint. I say odd because I don’t remember a time where I was actually disappointed with current events. Either that, or they have been successfully blacked out from memory.

Which, I have to say is a given possibility.

Another odd thing about the week was the ability to surprise. I have the nasty habit to predict what will happen next, mainly for the reason that the family is somewhat worn into the grooves of their habits, so when Diana told me that they were getting a new puppy, I was really surprised.

What surprised me even more that I fell in love with her at first sight.

A puppy called Zelda

Meet Zelda, fresh out of the local Humane Society with the works (shots, ‘chipped, scheduled spaying, etc.), and already a hit with the kids. And with me, a hard-core cat lover. She’s just so cuddly-wuddly cute and adorable and snorgable! And she licks toes and nibbles fingers and just so awesome! *squees*

I mean…*coughcoughcough*

Moving right along, today was the first Satruday of the month, which lead to Harlingen Market Days. Due to the heat, there wasn’t that many people, but I did find the Cookie Lady and her (addicting) brownies. And I knit some of the shawl during my lunch. Almost done with that, but I’m straying from the subject.

New houseplant

I got a rosemary bush as a houseplant for my room. I got lots of advice on the subject. Already the scent is filling the room. It’s fantastic. And I can use any cuttings for cooking! Yay!

Oh, and here:



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