True to Form, Part Four


Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
How did I get myself into these things?
I should have never opened that package. Should have never gone over to that temp office!
But then I see this thick, muscular moose looming over me, hugely pumped, his heavy member diamond-hard and drooling rivers of slick pre, his face a mask of frenzied lust. I see the antlers and reach up to them, feeling the solidity of reality. I look into his eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. So filled with lust and love.
Oh fuck.
“Are you ready, son?” he rumbles out. Son, I think to myself with a chuckle. So we’re back to that again. My hand snakes down to thumb a thick chest-nub, and he moans softly. “I guess you are,” he says, positioning himself against myself.

“What do you mean he got an experimental version?”
The researcher looked around at the six seated across the board table. Five of them looked like high-level business men; one of them was looking through the contents in a folder in front of him. A severe-looking lady sat next to him and was typing silently on a laptop.
“Well, sir,” the researcher said, “I honestly do not know how he got a hold of it.” He shifted his weight to one foot to another. “Nothing in the records state that he was supposed to get this version.”
He withered under the heated glare of the other five people and unconsciously began to dry wash his hands. “He was supposed to get one of the earlier versions. That was the deal. Play with it, look for any bugs, and respond back.”
One of the people snorted in disbelief. “Nothing in the records says that this version was supposed to be made!” He waved a paper about in anger. “Version seven was the latest of them. That was the one that he was supposed to be getting!”
The researcher nodded. “I really do not know how this happened. I can only think this was an error on Number 0392’s part.”
“And what about Number 0392?” one of them asked, looking at a figure behind the researcher. His face was swathed with bandages, some with small spots of blood. He stood up unsteadily.
“I am very sorry,” he said, the voice muffled due to the wrapping. “I-“
“You two should be sorry!” another of the five snapped. He pointed a finger towards the researcher. “You released a yet-untested software design as a test product!” He pointed again to the figure. “You gave him a trial offer of two weeks based on version seven!” He slapped his hand against the papers. “Who knows what is happening to him right now!”
“Calm yourself, sir, please,” the researcher pleaded, wringing his hands again. “Yes, the software is newly developed, but we have looked through the coding of the entire thing. There are no problems with the environmental folding and the realitorical modifications. We had them tested and retested. Everything in that aspect is perfect, as all of you already know.
“The software has already contacted with the servers,” he continued. “What is happening is that…well…”
“Spit it out!”
“He’s currently fornicating with one of his characters,” he finished lamely.
The five looked incredulous as the researcher quickly explained. “It is part of the role-play parameters. We included a variety of assorted scenarios in which the person could play out his or her sexual desires. We thought it could be a spin-off of the original software, and we were planning on separating it and building upon it, but…you see what is going on now.”
A cold silence followed his words as the five looking through the folders and occasionally whispering to each other.
“Have any of the other testers got this?”
“No sir,” the researcher said. “Oddly enough, he was the only one who gotten the software. Because of this, we think it was only an ordering mix-up, due in part of Number 0392. Marketing and Packaging are already looking into this.”
A few heads nodded in approval, but the one who asked still looked skeptical.
“Let us be frank here,” he said. “What exactly could have happened?”
“I do not know, sir,” the researcher responded. “If I could hazard a guess, I would say that someone sent the demo to Packaging.”
“Any idea who?” he asked dangerously.
“I…I really do not know,” the researcher said, shrugging his shoulders in defeat.
Another silence descended as the five conferred.
“Very well then,” one of them said, thumbing through his documents. “I would have to say this was an accidental release of yet untested software. It is very fortunate indeed we can see what is going on with it.” He looked up at the researcher. “Keep us updated, please.”
“Yes sir,” the researcher said, and vanished.
“Now, what to do with Number 0392?”
Phil looked at the group and tried to speak, but no sound came out. A new patch of blood blossomed on the area where the mouth was supposed to be.
“It is amazing, these new parameters,” one spoke, holding up what appeared to be a bloodied flap of muscle. “The perfect thing to applying punishment, one would say.”
“Of course, we don’t do that sort of thing,” another said, smiling down at a hand that was cleanly sliced off of an arm and was somehow lying in front of him. He looked up at Phil, who was desperately trying to stanch the flow of blood from his wrist. “We instead give disciplinary action.”
“I agree with the both of you,” another said, shuffling through the papers. “However, to discipline him now would be thoughtless to the company. Maybe we can show him the cost of failure. At the very least.”
“I make the first motion,” another said.
“All in favor?” The five raised their hands.
Phil shuddered as if caught in a heavy wind, his clothes getting stained with blood. He fell to the floor in a swoon, still shaking, his kicking feet making thick smears of blood. A moment later the body shuddered one last time and faded away, to be replaced by Phil, sitting in a chair next to the typist, parchment pale and sweaty. The bandages were removed, and his clothing was clean.
“Now you know,” one said. “Mess up again and, well…” The threat hung like a sharpened axe.
“I will not, sirs,” Phil said, swallowing hard, wiping his hand across his forehead. A moment later, he vanished.
The five sat there in silence as the secretary continued to type in the laptop.
“Miss Marideth,” one said.
“I want you to write a memo to all departments, marked urgent.”
“Yes sir?”
Another spoke. “I want an investigation in all of Kimera Enterprises. I want to know exactly how the software jumped from our labs to Design to Research to Packaging.”
“And tell them to leave no stone unturned,” another warned. “I want to see why this happened, and what we can do to prevent this from happening.”
“Yes sir.” And she also faded away.
“Well,” one said, sighing heavily. “This is a setback to our plans.”
“Maybe. If all he does is playing bedroom games with his characters, then it should be alright.”
“Or not.” One shuffled through his papers. “If he finds out what is happening—“
“I really do not think that will cause any undue problems in any fashion,” the fourth said.
“Still, I think we should advance slowly,” another said, showing up in the chair that Phil vacated. “We have done much here, and if anything is found out, we might have to, as they say, jump the gun.”
A few nodded. “All agreed?” he asked.
“Very well then,” he said, rising from the chair and looking at the others. “Let us be very careful out there.”

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