Reading and knitting


My room is round when I lay down, when I wake up it's square
When I go outside it's on a spiral set of stairs
-Phish, "Round Room"


I decided to recheck out one of my favorite novels: Berry's The Manual of Detection. Always a remarkable book, and worth the time spent reading.

I don't know, but I recently discovered that when I have a book in my possession, I tend to ignore it and to toss it aside (or lovingly place it in my shelves), only to find search for another book to read. I think it would be the reason why I have so many books, but haven't touched them in a while, years even, waiting for me to get them and to read them again.

Also, I'm getting hooked into lacy shawls again.


A half-circle pi shawl, courtesy of Mwaa (Ravelry link, sorry). She made three full-circle and three half-circle shawls to commemorate Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday a few years ago. I'm making one as a farewell gift to my oldest sis, who is leaving the Valley sometime this month. So I'm hurrying to finish before she leaves. If she does, then I can mail it over to her.

No, this isn't an excuse not to do the Doctor Scarf. Nuh-uh. *shifty eyes*


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