Updates galore!


Alright, last week was finals week. Didn't do that much good, so I thought. Until Friday, where I learned during my last mandatory advising meeting of the semester, I learned that I passed all of my classes.


Even now, I'm still suffering from the aftershock. Still, they're all C's, I don't mind. At all. At least I am ready for the Fall semester. 😀

Also, I took the opportunity to wear my pins.

Showing off my pins.

A Jagermonster pin and an Adventurer's badge, both from Studio Foglio, and I must say they have been my favorite things at the moment. They were first put on my backpack, but seeing that I am not going to use the thing for the summer, I thought to put them on my Steely Dan cap.

Also, I have a new knitting project started.

Ongoing lace project.

Herbert Niebling's Ranunkel. Supposed to be a dolly, but I am doing it with DK yarn and US8 needles. Results are so far interesting.

FYI: Niebling was a early to mid-century lace knitter, specializing in beautifully complex lace items.


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