True to Form, Part Three


I repeat, no clicky if you’re not into sticky anthro sex.

Joe ordered me to first take off my shirt, then my pants. I, still high on moose musk, happily obliged.
The creature whistled lewdly as he looked over my almost-naked form. “Damn, son, you look good.” His hand caressed down my back to the rump and gave it another squeeze, his fingers digging into the fabric of my boxers and making me squirm a bit. “Good enough to eat.” Then he leaned down and kissed me.
The kiss was mild as milk, soft and soothing. It was a kiss between siblings, kind and gentle. Then it turned into something else, something fiercer, more primal.
I broke the kiss and leaned back a bit. “Wait, maybe we shouldn’t—“
“My rules, son,” he growled out, pulling my head forward and locking his muzzle on my lips. His tongue snaked into my mouth and wrestled with mine. His hands groped everywhere while mine grappled his thick lats, trying not to fall down with the fantastically passionate embrace he was giving me.
After a breathless moment, I broke off. “Stop that!” I ordered him.
Immediately, his head hung low, his hands frozen in mid-grope. “Sorry. I did not know you didn’t want that. Please forgive me.”
My eyebrows rose up in bewilderment. “What do you mean by that?” I asked.
“I was only trying to please you,” he responded.
I lifted Joe’s head. His eyes were submissive but lustful. “And how should you please me?” I asked.
“In any way you want,” he answered.
I took in a heavy breath, and inhaled the thick musk of this creature. Instantly, an idea struck me. I rubbed the moose’s heavy chest, making him moan softly. I thumbed his thick nipples, which caused him to groan loudly. “Fuck, son,” he growled, “that’s the way…”
I grabbed one and twisted hard. Joe yelped in pain and anger. “The fuck…!?”
I twisted harder. “Shut up. I’m your master now.”
Joe nodded, and then moaned as I pinched the other nip, causing his rock-hard organ to spit out a heavy drop of pre.
“Hm,” I said, pulling and pinching the nip. “Someone seems to like this.” Joe moaned and nodded. I played with that one for a moment more then stopped.
Joe actually whined when I stopped. “P-please…” he begged. “I-I want you to keep going.”
I shook my head. “No, we’re going to continue with what you wanted to do to me. And that is with this,” I grabbed the heavy moosecock, already slick with his pre, and gave it a few solid rubs, “fucking me. You got that?”
A change went over the moose. No longer submissive, but huge and looming like an alpha male. His cock drooled heavily, soaking my hand with his pre. He nodded and smiled lustfully. “Yeah son, gonna fuck you until you can hardly stand.”
“But,” I said, my other hand playing with a thick nip, “you are not allowed to cum.”
His eyes went wide at that. “What?!”
I twisted the nub, making him moan loudly in pain. “You heard me. You cannot cum. Orgasm, yes, but not cum. Not until I tell you to. Understand?” I twisted harder.
“Y-y-yes!” he yelled, trying to move away, but couldn’t due to his hands still stuck in mid-grope.
“Yes what?” The other hand snaked down to cup his furry ballsac and squeezed.
“YESSIR!” he cried out in pain. “I understand, sir!”
I grinned and released my hold on his jewels. “Good moosie,” I said, rubbing my hands all over his thick form. I took another deep breath, enjoying the musk this creature was pouring off himself. “You can let go now.” His hands leapt off me as if I was a red-hot stove.
A loud ping interrupted the mood. I looked at the computer monitor. Carlos was still shirtless, and waving as if to get my attention. Above him were the words, “Achievement Unlocked!”
“The hell?” I said as I went towards the screen, and then moved the mouse over to the PLAY button next to the words.
“You have unlocked Achievement Number 23, ‘Dom and Sub’,” Carlos said. A long list appeared next to him and scrolled until it reached the number. “This achievement gives both you and your characters a level-up. Feel free to choose which one you want.”
The list expanded to show three buttons: +5 strength, +5 mana, +5 stamina.
A pair of hands snaked around me and started to grope my chest and groin. I felt a heavy breath on my neck and felt a softly-furred muzzle start to nuzzle. “I would choose strength, if I were you,” Joe rumbled out. “Imagine me bigger, thicker, more built.”
I moaned, feeling the huge moosecock wedge itself between my cheeks. “Fuck,” I grunted, trying to focus on the screen.
“Thought you’d never ask,” Joe said, pulling down my boxers.
“W-wait!” His hands paused, but that didn’t stop him nuzzling. “Can I at least get the bonus?” The cursor hovered over the strength bonus, but he did something to my neck that caused me to yelp in pleasure.
And caused the cursor to jump over and click the stamina bonus.
Suddenly I felt more energetic. I felt like jumping over buildings, running all of the US marathons at the same time as well as doing the Tour De France hundreds of time over. Moose moaned lustfully, his body suddenly wrapping itself around me as if I was a giant plushie.
“Fuck,” he growled in my ear, “all of a sudden, I feel like fucking a platoon of military men.” He slowly humped me, his cock pouring rivers of pre all over my back and ass. He moaned loudly. “I feel like I haven’t cum in years; my balls ache so much. My cock wants to drill a tight hole.” His hands started to grope again. “I need to…argh!”
His body shook with orgasmic pleasure. He bellowed loudly, his cock humping my backside.
But he didn’t cum.
“FUCK!” he cried out, shoving me onto the bed. I turned around to see this hugely pumped creature, each muscle flexed hard and his huge organ, shuddering and spitting out rivers of pre, his balls shaking with pent-up cumloads.
“FUCK!” he screamed out again. He pounced on me, his eyes pleading. “Please, I need to cum. Let me cum, please!”
I grinned and pinched a nip, enjoying the situation very much. “You have to prove yourself worthy of it, moosie.”
His eyes rolled back and groaned lustfully. His heavy cock ground himself against me and oozed streams of pre, slicking my belly and chest. “Fuck,” he moaned as I played with the moosenub. “Why are you doing this to me?”
“Because it occurred to me,” I said, rubbing the nub hard, “you are just a character.” I rubbed harder, causing the moose to groan in excruciating pleasure. “My character. And I can do whatever I want with you.”
Another ping emitted from the speakers, but that didn’t do anything to us. Joe groaned more and shuddered once more as waves of orgasm ripped through him.
I slapped a furry rump cheek and groped it. “Now,” I said, “I bet you want to fuck me.” Joe nodded, still shaking with sexual frenzy. “What was it you said, ‘gonna fuck me until I can no longer stand’?”
“Yeah,” Joe grunted out, grinding against me.
I slapped the cheek again. “Get to it, mooseboy.”

Part Two || Part Three || Part Four


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