It’s one of those days in which I feel that it is cloudy, even though there are no clouds in the sky.

For some reason the camera doesn’t want to work. I don’t know what happened to it, but I think it’s just a git of grit that somehow went its way into the lens barrel and jammed things up. I hope so. I am somewhat strapped for cash to have it repaired.

Also, I’m knitting another pair of socks. It’s odd, really, but after finishing the last pair of socks, I picked up the last of the Fire on the Mountain and looked for a pattern on anatomically correct toes, which I found on Ravelry, and I fiddled a bit to develop them for my big feet. When I did those, I grabbed a ball of the stripy sock yarn, and knitted. So far, so good.

Also, I am suffering from what I dub ‘school fatigue’. I really don’t want to go to class, and I am feeling rather lazy with the homework. Not to say that I’m doing either, but the urge is there to do nothing. I can’t wait until the semester is over so I can go back to work.

Yeah, I am planning on getting back on the ball and doing news articles again. Even though they have a new writer around. I can still try, right? :\


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