Today, we will give a moment of silence to a sock pair that should have been finished.

I was cleaning my room last night when I took apart my yarn drawers and did a cleaning out of assorted things (mostly acrylic), and noticed that my first Sam sock, the one I thought I put away in one of the drawers, was not. Instead, it was in the back of the drawers. With holes.

I took a closer look at it, and found small worms, black with pale yellow stripes, all over the place where the holes were. I quickly tossed it into the trash bag and took a closer look from there.

Holes on the heels, on the toe, on the leg. Fuck. And they were huge holes too. No effort of darning could fix it. Double fuck.

I should have taken photos, but I was too worried that the bugs were in my bins (they weren’t).

Still, I would like to know what those bugs were. And where did they come from! 😦


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