True to Form, Part Two


Soon I heard the sounds of the shower start up. Was the guy singing? I listened carefully. Heh, he was. A nice bathroom tenor.
I snapped out of it. A giant moose-creature was in my shower, and from the look of it, a rather oversexed on at that. I wanted to see exactly what was going on.
I crossed the hallway back to my room, ready to see the mess the moose made, but when I glanced at the bed, there was nothing. No puddles of fluid, no mussed sheets, nothing. It was like he didn’t even get on the bed.
Wondering once again just what was going on, I sat down in front of the computer and noticed that there was a message waiting in my inbox. I opened it. It was from Kimera.
Dear sir, (it ran)
Just to cover all continuances, we are giving you a PDF file of legalities as well as another free week of testing the software. The moment you read this, feel free to input the activation number, and the week will be put on the period you already are on.
Customer Service Representative No. 0392, Kimera Enterprises

I glanced through the file, not understanding anything really. I thought that they should have at least explained this to me during my visit! But the damned temp office was so vague…
I stood as the lady handed me a small slip of paper. “What is this for?” I asked.
“A software company is looking for people in gaming experience,” she said sternly. “Given your previous jobs in comic book and video game stores, I figured that this would be up your alley.”
“That’s all?” I wondered. I glanced at the address. Kimera Enterprises…

My woolgathering was shattered by a heavy bellow coming from the bathroom, followed by thick splattering. I sighed, wondering if Joe was really thinking of me. Though, I mused, it is rather neat for one’s creation to be lusting after you.
I opened up the program. Carlos was sitting down on a stool with a screen list of questions next to him. I clicked on the tiger.
“Here’s a list of the questions one might ask during the program’s run. Please see if your question matches this one. If not, type in the search bar.”
Hm. I looked through the questions. How to open the program bar, no. How to change the settings? Maybe, if Carlos didn’t chide me when I clicked the link, saying that I could not change anything during the trial period.
I sighed, scrolling down the list. Why is this so damned difficult? Ah-ha! How to create characters!
I clicked on the link, and Carlos reappeared, this time without the shirt, showing off a build to rival the moose.
“The characters,” he said, “are the best that realitorical programming can create.”
“What?” I asked, but he continued uninterrupted.
“Here at Kimera, we wish to provide you with the best simulation that is possible. Based upon the questionnaire you submitted to us before you bought the software, we are able to create characters that are able to help you out with any need you desire, any fantasy you want to play out, whether a classic medieval fight scene to the most stylistic sci-fi battle.”
He motioned to a demo window that popped up. “Simply put in the name, species, and the specifications of the character, and the software will create a three-dimensional form in real space-time. In other words, your own personal playmate.”
I sat back in shock. The questionnaire I filled out created this character? It didn’t make sense. Though I now understood why he was a moose, I thought to myself as I peered towards the demo screen image. I mistakenly put down ‘moose’ as the species instead of ‘human’, thinking that was a last name formbox. But why did it create all the excess information? Did the questionnaire do that?
I heard the shower stop, then a few moments later the heavy footsteps of the moose. He came into the room stark naked, drying his head.
“Oh hey,” he said, smiling. “Glad you’re feeling better.” He finished drying himself and hung it up at the door. “Now, what to wear…”
I stood up, trying very hard not to glance down at the moose’s endowment. “I don’t know what you are, but you were not supposed to be here. I was supposed to put you down as a warrior barbarian, not as a sex-hungry anthro moose.” I took a heavy breath to calm me down, and I inhaled smelled something: A hint of pine and rich loam. I took deeper breath. “What is this smell?” I asked, savoring the richness of the odor.
Joe chuckled. “Only my musk, son. Perhaps you’d like a better sample.” His hand went behind my back and pushed me against his rock-hard body.
“Fuuuuck…!” I moaned out as I smelled the essence of the creature. It was like I was in a primordial forest, one never entered by man. I smelled pine and loam and rich, rich masculinity. My hands reached around and grabbed the thick back, rubbing and scratching as I buried my nose into the fur, trying to get more of the scent into myself.
“Yeah, son, that’s it,” he muttered as he also rubbed my back. “You like my scent, dontcha?”
I nodded. “Yeah, I love it.” I closed my eyes and reveled in the smell.
“Maybe you should go lower,” he said, his hands on my shoulders and gently pushing me down. I was too drunk on the musk that I didn’t know what he was planning until I was kneeling, and my eyes were focused on the thick piece of flesh hanging from the creature’s legs. I looked up in fear, and he returned the gaze with lust.
“Go on, son,” he growled out. “You know you want to.”
I was too high on the scent to do anything else but to lean over and breathe in the rich odor. Damn, it was heavier here, I thought to myself as I deeply breathed in the musk.
“Fuck, son, you’re getting me horned up,” he said, rubbing himself all over my face. “Yeah, ya gonna make me wanna shove this moosecock down your mouth. Fuck!” He yelped as I started licking the veiny shaft, moaning softly as I tried to shove the bulbous head in my mouth. “Damn, son, you’re eager, aintcha?”
I didn’t say anything as I finally succeeded with the act, sucking hard on the head and rubbing the rest with my hands, tugging heavily at the ballsac.
“Fuck,” he grunted out. “Yeah, you know how to treat a moose, huh?” He pushed a few more inches down my throat, making me gag, but it didn’t make me stop sucking. “Damn, you have a hot mouth.”
Although my body was in high heat, my mind was reeling. What the hell was I doing? Part of me wanted to hit him, to beat him up, but another part, one I never knew I had until now, was egging me on, making me want to suck this thick cock and to swallow his salty load. I pulled the sac again, squeezing it, making the huge guy in my power.
He moaned deeply, then pulled out, letting me catch my breath. “What got into you, son?” he asked. “One minute you wanted me to go, and now you’re sucking me off.” He raised me up and looked me deep into my eyes. “C’mon, tell your troubles.”
My hands roamed all over the thick muscles, ruffling the pelt. “I…I don’t know…” I took a deep breath, once again savoring the thick aroma of the moose. “Damn, you smell good.”
He chuckled and pulled me into a firm embrace. “Y’know what I think you need? A good solid fucking.” His hand snaked down to my butt and gave it a firm squeeze.
I shivered, imaging that cock plowing me and took another breath. Yeah, I needed that, I thought, feeling the musk cloud my mind. Fuck me good and hard…
I looked into his eyes. “Let’s do this.”

Part One || Part Two || Part Three


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