Periodically Triple Or Double



Back at my usual table today, knitting another sock. But this sock is different. It is the cure for Second Sock Syndrome.

Readers of the Yarn Harlot know what I’m referring to. The painful realization that, once you are done with a one sock, that you have to make another one. Comes with denial, laziness, and, in my case, shoving the first sock in the Procrastination Bin and forgetting about it.

But this in regards to The Scarf…this is much easier to do. Behold:


Some forgotten sock yarn, in Navy, and Socks That Rock birthday sock yarn, in Fire On The Mountain, in nice stripe and minor fair isle to keep the monotony check. Will match the other one:


Although, looking at it, the heel needs redoing as well as the cuff. I’m going for an extra inch on the cuff as well as a short-row heel on the unfinished one and we’ll see how we’ll go. More power to me, all in all. 😀


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