Photo Month: Red



Last night a cold snap came in, which is not surprising given that this happens every Spring Break. At least it happened today instead of the week itself. More time for sun and stuffs.

Anywho, I didn’t have time to take off my jacket today in class (the last of the week!) so I decided to snap this photo, along with one of my old scarves. And the buttons.


From the top down:

  • Art Deco pin of a peacock. Found it last year a few days before my birthday, and decided to buy it. According to legend, peacocks were immortal, and were dedicated to the Greek goddess Hera.
  • A pin from my first order of Blue Moon Sock Yarn. I love it!
  • Hard Rock Pin from a one of a college acquaintance who didn’t want it anymore.
  • Found at one of the antique shops in Harlingen. I think it’s witty.
  • A pin I got from MFF ’09, along with another one that I think I threw away. I have to find it.

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