Meme lifted from the elusive

Name: Joe B.

Birthday: October 1979

Place of Birth: South Texas

Marital Status: Single (sadly enough)

Occupation: Freelance newswriter

Star sign: Libra

Hair : Lots of it, black with a touch of salt

Eyes : Brown

Height : 5'6"

Weight : Last weighing put me at 312 lbs.  However, I've been told I look 260 to 280.

Q: Do you have a nickname?
A: Several – Joe, J.J., Moose

Q: How long have you kept a weblog?
A: I had one a few year during the Geocities period (early to mid-2000s) but then I moved here in '05.

Q: Where do you live?
A: San Benito! One of the many small cities down here.

Q: But were you born there? If not, then where?
A: Oh yes I was born there.  No doubt I'll die here also, after living a long and adventurous life. 😀

Q: Tell us about your family
A: I am the fifth of six siblings.  I have one older brother and the rest are sisters.  He is married, as well as two of my older sisters.

Q: Describe your looks?
A: I've been told I have a handsome smile, and look downright cute without my glasses.  My hair is usually unstyled and looks amazing.

Q: Tell us about your partner (or ideal partner if you haven't got one)?
A: Seeing I don't have a partner (yet), I'll simply give you a sketch.  He'd be loving, caring, but yet know when to let things be.  He'd be furred, bearded, and hunky.  He'd love cats as much as I would.  He'd have blue eyes, a chuckle that can give me shivers of lust, and is a master in the kitchen.  He'd love to cuddle and kiss while pretending to watch TV. He'd charm me with flowers and dancing.

Q: For a day out would you prefer, a theme park, a football game or spend the day in a bar?
A: Spending the day at a bar.  I'll be that guy in the corner, nursing a gimlet and occasionally putting quarters in the jukebox.

Q: What do you do for a job?
A: I work, at the moment, as a freelance reporter for the city news.  The pay isn't good, but at least I can do the occasional headline.  I haven't done much because the school is eating up a good chunk of my spare time, but I have been doing it.

Q: Who would you sound like if I called you on the phone?
A: Like a girl.

Q: Religion – do you do it? If so what?
A: I am under the firm belief that one does not need religion of any kind to have faith in god, nor in any of his instruments.  Faith alone can do so much, not for some yet-to-be-proven imaginary creature, but for you.

Q: Politics – right, left or centre?
A: I am not a political being, by nature.

Q: Do you like it hot or cold?
A: I like my guys the way I like my tea: hot!  I'm more of a winter person though – the summers are usually scorchers. 😐

Q: What book are you reading at the moment?
A: Currently rereading the Wheel of Time series (on Lord of Chaos) in honor of the last book that is coming out this year.

Q: What was the last song on your Ipod?
A: Jamie Cullum: 7 Days To Change Your Life

Q: Describe your music collection?
A: It is very eclectic, ranging from lounge to classic rock to modern indie.  I'm a huge fan of *good* music, none of the mass-produced things the radio is currently playing out, and despise modern country (despite that is a major majority of business are playing).  At the moment, I have almost 90 gigs of music, about a month's worth of fantastic music, and I'm always looking for new musics to listen to.

Q: SPORT – Yes or no?
A: I can't get my head around watching the stuff, no matter how hot the players are.  I never had the stamina to do any sports, though I can walk a lot.

Q: Do you have a website/homepage? (leave link please)
A: You're reading it. 😀  Also have a tumblr (NSFW), a website for my artwork, and a twitter.

Q: Do you have a celebrity crush?
A: Used to have a huge crush on A-Train (of WWE fame) but when he left, I tuned out.

Q: Do you have a celebrity hate?
A: Nope.

Q: Beer or wine?
A: Don't know why people like beer.  Tastes terrible.  Wine on the other hand!  Give me a sweet Riesling or a bubbly Champange, and I'll be all over you.

Q: Home or abroad?
A: I need to travel more.  See the world. Hang out with friends I chat with on the net.  Conversely, I can stay at home in my skivvies for the weekend just to recharge the batteries.

Q: Toothbrush – are you electric or manual?
A: Manual

Q: Type of the property you live in?
A: Family-owned property, with lots of beautiful rose bushes.

Q: What were your best subjects at school?
A: None.  I rather would have spent my time at the school library, doing secretorial work or book-fixing.

Q: Spender or saver?
A: Spender!  I can spend quite heavily for things that I need.  Saving?  Now why would anyone want to do that?

Q: What newspaper do you buy?
A: The local ones.  I lost interest in the internet ones years ago.

Q: One of life's regrets is?
A: That, instead of helping Dad with his illness, I stood back and watched him die just to satisfy my curiosity on how someone dies.

Q: Coronation St or Eastenders?
A: What?

Q: Do you like questionnaires?

Q: Where do you buy your clothes?
A: Seeing that the major store chains do not sell my size (3X), I have to search the smaller stores to get them.

Q: Cat, dog or goldfish?
A: Cat.

Q: Rare, medium or well done?
A: Blood rare while the sides are seared-charred.

Q: Do you drive?
A: No.

Q: Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
A: Not the way you would expect it.  I would be on the record for running away (several times, then pulled over by the police and walking back home)

Q: Is there an afterlife?
A: No idea.

Q: Tell me something that scares you?
A: Nothing at the moment, which is rather common of me.

Q: How would you describe your personality?
A: That is a toughie.  I don't know to be honest.  I'm a lone wolf, yet like to hang out with people.  I mingle, yet stand my own. *shrugs*

Q: Tell us about some jobs you've had that you've loved?
A: The current one, because they don't complain when I skip days or how I do things.  All of the other jobs made me feel I was replaceable gearwork, which proved to be founded.

Q: Name some places you've lived?
A: Here in San Benito.  Want to move somewhere else, and might do it.

Q: What kind of things do you enjoy on TV?
A: Doctor Who, bar none.


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